Chapter 1; Mustard Dresses and Meeting the Principal.

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Here is chapter 1! This is your uniform, because of the circumstances that you're accepted into Ouran, you're basically an honour student, yet you're allowed to be in what you like. Enjoy!
The Rolls Royce limousine pulled up to the school gates on the first day of the new term, a lot of the students had seen the car beforehand, but not in such a deep, lustful, blood red.
As the doors opened, the young lord of the Kasanoda Yakuza walked out first, staring down all the other rich nobles that surrounded the car, only for his expression to soften slightly when he saw (Y/N) struggling to get out, mainly due to nerves.

He turned back around, and held his hand out, rolling his eyes as he turned a faint red. "Come on, (N/N)-chan! I'm getting old!" He growled, the boys who crowded behind him suddenly getting nosebleeds due to an accidental flashing of the young lady's knickers.

Although, Ritsu was less fortunate.

He got pulled to the floor by the (H/C) who was throughly unimpressed. She stepped from the Royce, aura blacker than jet fuel. "I advise you be quiet, Rits-chan. That's not how you talk to your Senpai...." She growled, letting go of his hand and walked over him like a welcome mat.

She looked up at the building only for her face to go from stoic to absolute horror. 'It... It's bRIGHT PINK?! WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT?! GOD DAMN IT!' She screamed internally, soon sighing and walking past all the boys who had fallen madly for her already.

Kasanoda had recovered from his doormat adventure, and glared at all the boys who were gawking at his only, and stunning, female friend.

It's safe to say that the boys parted like the Red Sea to avoid total annihilation.

Among the crowd were two second years in (Y/N)'s class; both being similar heights whilst one was violet eyed and blonde, the other having onyx hair colour and slate grey eyes.
    The blonde was the one to speak first. "Hey, Kyoya... Got any intelligence on that girl?" He asked his friend who suddenly pulled out his notebook.
"As of yet, not much... I will have more by the time we have lunch break though, don't worry, daddy. Mummy will take care of everything like always." The one supposedly named 'Kyoya' answered in return, smirking.

They weren't exactly talking quietly, and therefore that meant (Y/N) overheard, soon approaching the two boys; her skirt blowing up over her mid-thigh. "Kyoya Ootori; third son of the Ootori Medical Empire, attending Ouran in hopes of proving to his father he is worthy..." She began, catching Kyoya's attention, not to mention Tamaki's. "And Tamaki Suoh; the illegitimate and only son of the Suoh Group, yet unaccepted by his grandmother. Half French, half Japanese, transferred to Ouran Junior High in the third year."

After turning their attentions to the girl, they stood there, stunned. "Was that correct? Or was I missing some information?" She simply asked, crossing her arms whilst holding a Hetalia binding filer over her chest. They still said nothing, only leaving (Y/N) to smirk, but Kyoya soon piped up.
"(Y/N) (L/N), the younger sister of Mamoru (L/N), head of the (L/N) yakuza syndicate. Transferred here under the title 'Honour Student' due to family circumstances." Kyoya stated, pushing up his glasses.

(Y/N) growled at the boy, Kasanoda coming over to her. "Nee, (N/N)-chan," his gruff voice petrifying Tamaki, whilst mildly startling Kyoya. "Are you ready? I'll give you a tour before you go to class." His soft side showing.
"I guess so... I'll see you in class, Suoh, Ootori." She politely bowed, soon jumping on Ritsu's back and being shown round the institution.

"Kyoya..." Tamaki suddenly started to grow small mushrooms from his head. "How does she know so much about us?!" He suddenly screamed, Kyoya just shrugging.
"Who knows... But I'm more interested in the tattoo she seems to possess. Her family creat I assume." He suddenly entered deep thought, only to walk off to class with Tamaki in tow.

Whilst they headed to class, Kasanoda and (Y/N) were wandering through the halls aimlessly. "Onii-sama will get killed by me if I have to say here for the duration of what's left of my school life... Stuck up rich kids that don't know how lucky they have it." She mumbled, completely unenthused by the situation.
"At least you aren't being forced into marriage yet..." Ritsu added, only earning a weak glare.
"I will personally kill him if he forces me into a marriage." She stated, making it sound like she was spitting acid off her tongue. "Although, not having to wear the mustard yellow dress is a bonus." She muttered in thought as she looked at the girls who looks like marshmallows.

Soon the pair split way, leaving (Y/N) to go to class. She was early, so she took the seat empty at the farther back my corner, oddly enough next to the third son of the Ootori Empire. "So, Ms. (L/N), why did you choose the seat at the back?" He asked, leaning on her new desk.

She simply shrugged, giving him a weak glare. "Because I don't want to be here, and because I know all of this stuff anyway." She waved her hand nonchalantly and sighed, looking out the window.
      Kyoya looked at her, eyes widened because of her statement, only to smirk afterwards. He took his seat at his desk and then looked at her once more. "You may know all of this, but it doesn't mean you should be bored... I know a place here that is rather lively."

This caught the (H/C)'s attention. "Would this be your silly little host club?" She mumbled, her voice lacking any sort of emotion or feeling that is possible. Kyoya's face just dropped into his usual expression, glasses flashing.
All of a sudden, a tannoy announcement was made. "Can I please have (Y/N) (L/N), Kyoya Ootori and Tamaki Suoh to my office in 5 minutes, thank you." It clicked off, leaving the three students to stand up and leave the room awkwardly.

Once they were out in the corridor, (Y/N) folded her arms and let an almighty pout settle on her lips. "Why the hell have I been asked to go to the principal's office with you two?! I swear, Suoh, if you've said something to your father, or Glasses over here has, you'll be in for a world of problems." She growled, grabbing Tamaki and Kyoya's blazers by the arms, pulling them down to her height.
"And I know how I will get my revenge on you."

Kyoya just carried on walking, Tamaki clinging to him once they were both let free. Soon enough, they were at the office and already called in. "(L/N)-San, it's nice of you to be here. I see you've met my son and his friend." He stated, staying calm although there was a terrific black aura filling the room.
        "You could say that, sir." She cheerfully replied, clearly putting it on, still exuding a scary aura. The headmaster and the newest student just kept talking, whilst Tamaki laid on the floor, crumbling away, and Kyoya wrote in his little black book.

The bell for class then rang, meaning they would all be late. They all bowed, and left the room, the boys following their new acquaintance.

"Oh, how can this day get even worse?!" She asked herself quietly, raking her hand through her tangled (H/C) locks.

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