Chapter 13

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🚨Dustin's POV🚨
I walk into the coffee shop. A girl bumps into me spilling her hot coffee on me.

I glare, "watch where your going!" I yell taking my shirt off.

"I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean to." She says.

I look at her. She has brown wavy hair with gold streaks and her eyes are brown with little specks of green.

My favorite color. Her lips are full. She's beautiful.

"Um...are you done staring at me? I have to get home." She says.

I stop staring and shake my head. "Yeah sorry." I say. "Can I get your name?" I ask.

"It's Amanda. Amanda Avila." She says confidently.

Someone walks up to her. "Can I get a picture with you," the person asks her. She nods her head and takes a picture with the stranger.

I walk away and order my coffee. Forgetting that I'm completely shirtless.

🚨Amanda's POV🚨
I leave the coffee shop and go back to my apartment. I take a shower and when I get out I dry my hair.

I redo my makeup and put clean clothes on.

I go to the spare bedroom and turn my camera on.

Hello YouTube.

"Hey guys it's your favorite girl Amanda Avila." I say to the camera.

"For today's video..." I ramble on about my video and the door bell rings.

I pause the camera and I answer the door.

It's the guy from the coffee shop...and he has a gun.

(How was this chapter?! I hope you like it. I left it at a cliff hanger. I'm sorry for the slow updates. Schools starting soon so my updating will be even slower. Have a good day!!)

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