Chapter 29

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Your P.O.V

Today it was Bridesmaid shopping! I woke up on the couch with Sher beside me. I quickly got showered and dressed. By the time i came out, he was still sleeping. I quickly scribbled a note.


I'm of bridesmaid shopping with the girls. Dont you dare forget Sherlock, @ 2 'o' clock to go and get John for wedding shopping for your suit. Mary said I've to get a purple dress because thats the colour theme, so pick a purple tie.

~Y/N x

I slipped out the door and went to Mary's house. All the other bridesmaids were already there. I knocked and Mary answered. "Y/N, sweetheart, come in", she said. "Sorry, I'm late, Sher and I fell asleep late", I said as I walked in. "I can think of a few reasons why", Mary laughed, making my face go red and everyone else laughed. "Anyway, should we head out?", I ask. "Yeah lets get going!", Jeanine shouted. I laughed. Throughout the whole day, i got along with all of the girls really well. We got to the stores and before i knew it, everyone else already had everything.I tried on a dress. I instantly fell in love with it and walked out of the changing room to show Mary. "Oh my god, Y/N, you look stunning", she said. She started to tear up. "Mary, I'm supposed to be the one crying, you're getting married.", i laughed. "You look wonderful, considering everything that has happened to you in the past two years", she cried. I hugged her and told her I'm fine. I went back into the changing room and got changed. Mary already had all of her stuff so we didnt need to worry about all of that. As we walked out of the store, I heard someone calling my name. I turned around. "Sam?", I asked. He gave me a cuddle. "Are you okay now?", he asked. "I havent seen you since that dinner?", he continued. "I'm fine now thanks, dont worry about me", i laughed. I heard one of the bridesmaids call out, "Is this the one that kept you up late last night?", a bridesmaid questioned. Everyone laughed. My face went bright red. "No", I said annoyed. "Drop it please?", I looked back and pleaded. They all nodded. "Sherlock?", he asked. "Yeah", I said. He looked disapppointed. "Anyways, better head, see you at Johns wedding", I said. "Bye", he sighed. We all walked away. I hailed a cab to my flat and walked into 221C. I hung up my dress and put away my other accessories for next week. I got changed into my Family Guy pjs that read "Born to Be Bad":

Mary decided not to have a hen night so i was just going to sit in and binge watch my favourite T

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Mary decided not to have a hen night so i was just going to sit in and binge watch my favourite T.V show. American Horror Story. I made myself a smoothie and just a few hours into it, I heard a clatter downstairs. I shoved on my white silk housecoat over my shoulders. The tie came off last night so, i couldnt tie it. I swept my curly hair to the side and armed myself with a baseball bat. I noticed Mrs Hudson was coming out as well. I heard a familiar voice, "Ah Hudders", I laughed and walked out. "Lightweights", i scoffed. "You two back already?", i continued.
They had fallen asleep. I woke them up and told them to go upstairs. I walked back into 221C to watch the rest of my show. I turned the t.v. of and decided to get some sleep. I wandered into my room and fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

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