Ch.11: The picnic

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Ch.11: The picnic

Percy's pov

It felt good to be home. I never relised how much I missed earth and missed being Percy till now. I'm just glad that I got Annabeth back and that my life is almost how it was before. I forgave Annabeth and now we are, again, going out. we decided to act like the thing with Dylan never happened, I mean after all Dylan's not here. Everyone found out that Dylan was a no good son of a god.

life was good. We new the six people in the prophecy. Builder, Calmness, Destruction, Annabeth, Will, and me (Percy Jackson). just like the old times. almost dying every second of my life never getting a break and always stuck in a prophecy. You gotta love it.

i was in the middle of gathering the things i need for Annabeths and mines picnic when nico came running into my cabin. ( ya i should probably explan that, since we got found out we all decided on going back to our normal cabins. ) back to the point, nico came running out of breath he looked at me and said "it's chaos, he wants to have a meeting." i nodded i headed toward were the strawberry patches used to be. ( ya i should probably explain that too, when dionysus left the strawberry fields died and so when Aphrodite came camp started making butty products. ) this was also our new meeting spot when everyone was needed.

i ran with nico down to the field. when we got there we were in a circle. let me tell you, it was one huge circle. i sat down next to Annabeth and will. Once nico got a seat and all the gods and godesses got their seats chaos began. "i will help you defeat the three immortals, whos names should not be said, i am not the one destined to destroy them." everyone started to talk and a some people looked around confused. will looked up and said "who will defeat the immortals then?" everyone nodded and looked up at chaos expectantly, even the gods. Chaos chuckled. "well," he started "the three heroes that were mentioned in the prophecy of course."

will turned pale, chaos made the case closed and everyone walked away murmuring. the gods well they decided to stay in till the war was over. the gods and godesses were to stay in their respected cabins.

as everyone left we sat there pondering what chaos just said. Wills frown deepend before he said "we're doomed." i patted him on the back while annabeth sighed, too deep in her thoughts she heard nothing. i laughed before saying "it's alright. besides you have me and Annabeth. we, well, we've had practice ticking of immortals and also fighting them." this got annabeths attention and she smiled before we all laughed.

after a while of sitting there, laughing, and making jokes me and Annabeth thought it would be best we got going. Annabeth walked down to the beach while i got the thing we needed for our picnic.

when i got to the beach we started to set every thing up. once we were done we sat on the blanket acting as if we were seventeen again and we had just won the giant war. acting as if there wasn't a care in the world and that us two were the onlying things around.

it was the most perfect night. but the most perfect things wont last forever. if i only new that we wouldn'y have another night or feeling like this in a while.


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question: who did Percy, Annabeth, Grover, and Tyson free from the Alcatraz prison and what is he?

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