Thoughts and dreams of Robbie dominated my life.  It haunted me, but I loved it.  I was a lucky one, I knew who my true love was, I grew up with him, I talked to him practically everyday.  But I was also an un-lucky one, I wasn’t sure of his feelings for me, and I wasn’t dating him.

So all I could do was dream, dream of a future together.

“Babe, are you okay?”  Kevin asked, bringing me suddenly into the present, where I was in a limo with Kevin, heading back to his mansion.

“Yeah, yeah, fine, Kev,” I said, twitching my lips in an attempt to smile.  I loved Kevin, in some way, but I loved Robbie more.  That sounds really spoilt, but it’s the truth, and I couldn’t deny it.

Once we arrived at Kevin’s his butler opened the door, and Kevin nearly killed me, trying to drag me into the house so fast.

“Kevin, what’s wrong?”  I laughed as he continued to drag me to the west wing of the mansion, his wing.  I remembered the first day I had met him, and we went straight back to his house, into his room…  I had been nervous incase his parents, but he had just laughed and told me, ‘I never see my parents, Tiff!  They own the east wing; I have the west wing.  We never see or talk to each other.  If we do happen to talk to each other, it’s through text or phone calls.  It’s like having a house to myself’.

“I want to show you something,” Kevin told me, winking.  Oh, so it was going to be one of those days with him, huh?  The bedroom, great!  If it was Robbie I was with, we wouldn’t be making a beeline for the bed.  Yes, I’m… what’s the term parents, teachers and doctors liked to use for shagging…?  Sexually active!  I’m ‘sexually active’!  What, I’m sixteen, it’s legal, Kevin’s hot.  I’m not a nun!  But I wasn’t with Robbie, and Kevin was gorgeous.  What, save myself for Robbie?  Nah, if we ever got to, you know, ‘that stage’, I wanted to know what I was doing!  And as much as I loved him, I wasn’t going to wait forever, and just live my life in a coma, waiting for Robbie to man up.

But I really wasn’t in the mood for it today.  And when you don’t want some…  Complain.

“Kevin!”  I moaned, “I don’t wanna go to your room, that only leads to one thing, and I ain’t in the mood, babe!”

“Tiff, sorry to disappoint, but that’s not why I’m leading you to my room,” Kevin laughed at me, continuing to pull me to his room.

“Then what are we going to do?”  I asked, totally confused.

“It’s a secret!  Now, close your eyes,” he said as he came behind me and put his hands over my eyes, stopping me from seeing.  With one of my senses disabled, the other four were working overtime.  My ears could hear the faint playing of romantic music.  My nose could smell the distinct aroma of take away pizza and chips.  My hands groped for the door to Kevin’s room.  I found it, and pushed the door open.  Kevin moved his hands away from my eyes, and placed them on my waist instead, and started kissing the base of my neck, causing me to shiver with delight.  In front of me was the most romantic gesture Kevin had ever shown me – I didn’t think it were possible for Kevin to do something of this magnitude!

In front of me was a small table with cushions all around it.  On the table was an eighteen inch ham and pineapple pizza, two two litre bottles of Diet Pepsi, and a big bowl of chips, covered in brown sauce and salt (it tastes better than it sounds).  This meal, along with lit candles and a DVD on the large TV Kevin owned was my dream day with him.

“How…  How did you know?  And why?”

“Can’t I treat my girl?”  Kevin replied, dragging me to the table and slotting the DVD into the TV.  The opening scene of ‘Eragon’ rolled on, and I shrieked in delight.

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