Chapter 8.

I sat on the ground for what seemed like forever, I contemplated many different  ways to approach this. I couldn't pick one so I decided to just be and see what happens. First off I had to inform my over protective brother that my 17 year old boyfriend, and his classmate, was staying over tonight. I wiped my face and went down stairs, I walked slowly into the kitchen but they were not there. I walked into the sitting room to be shot with eyes full with quite accusations.

''Cameron's staying over tonight'', I said plopping down in the chair closet to me. I pulled my legs up onto the chair and hugged my knees.

''Did he hit you? He did, I knew it I'm going to kill Cameron'', Milo burst out. Where did that come from? I could feel shock coloring my face as I spluttered out

''No, he did not Milo'', I growled angry looking down at my wringing hands.

''No it's not that it's just you were on the phone to Cameron and then you run upstairs crying and then Cameron's coming over tonight'', He said in a rushed voice. ''It just seems like you had something big going on'', he said looking embarrassed. ''So he did not hit you?'' He said still looking suspicious.

''No!'', I sighed.

''Sorry. Yea he can stay, but do not do anything OK!'', Milo said looking calm.

''What?'', I said angry.

''Don't have sex with him in this house.'', Milo said this in the nicest voice he could conjure up.

I started at him with my mouth open. ''I obviously will not sleep with Cameron, I never have for your information'', I growled. 

"Well that is a lie, everyone in  West knows you guys have been you know, having sex!", he looked like he was going to vomit at the mention of it. ''Katie heard it off Juniper who heard it off Naomi who apparently heard it off Newton who sits beside Cameron in Englsih. So we are assuming Cameron told him'', Milo said deep in thought.

''I swear I have not done anything'', I said frantic.

''So what you are a virgin'', He laughed putting emphasis on ''You are''. I bit my lip in embarrassment knowing Johnny was sitting there listening and I didn't want to sound in-experienced, but I sure as hell wasn't going to be out as the whore Cameron had called me.

''Yes'', I said extremely serious.

Milo burst into hysterical laughter. ''So'', He said through his laughs. ''Cameron is going around lying, what a sad man'', Milo said bursting into a laughing again.

He slightly stopped and looked at Johnny. ''What's up your hole'', Milo said suspicious.

''Dude you should be happy your sisters still a virgin'', Johnny said mad.

''Sorry dude I wasn't thinking'', Milo said stopping instantly as he thought the same thing I did.

It happened 6 months ago. Everyone knew about it. Paisley Kind, sister of Johnny. She had been a quiet girl and never did anything wrong. She would spend her days reading, writing and just stuck in her school work. Paisley got herself a new group of friends and was hanging around with people Johnnies age. Johnny went crazy after finding out she was apparently dating a boy called Bailey from Ohio who was staying with his Aunt for the Summer in Boston. Less than 3 months later just after turning 16 she found out she was pregnant. She had just told everyone when her boy friend came and told her to pack her bags. She is now currently living with him and his parents in Ohio. Johnny is still really sensitive about it. I also heard his mother had a mental breakdown and was in psychiatric care for over a month. But in this town here are more rumor's than there are people.  

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