Chapter Twenty One

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^Song is I Believe by Cristina Perri. I just love it...and it's in the movie Pan. :)

My breath was baited as the deadly stage was set. My fingers became slippery with sweat as I waited for Pan's final blow. My mind stilled as I focused on the boy above me.

I waited, but something else stole my attention from my impending doom. A small fluttering of wings and a tiny voice whispered softly in my ear. "You are different, Gwen! You hold the key. And only you can defeat this story." And then the fairy was gone, flickering away into the wind.

But it was right! This would not be the end of me! Pan would not take away the last of me!

I opened my eyes. It was time to end this feud with the fairytale boy.

But how?

I glanced down at the Lost Boys, who, despite the fact that they were losing and had already lost once before, kept on fighting. They continued believing in me and my glorious fate. Even the pirate captain and the fairy queen had put their faith in my hands. They all believed that I could turn around Pan, that I could be his savior. But, could I really?

I peered up at the boy in question. He was hesitating with his dagger drawn. Hesitating in his determination to end me. Doubt flickered in the depths of his blue eyes.

I was a traitor, and yet, he paused?

Was it possible that even Pan had faith in me? Could it be that...said faith stilled his hand?

So why couldn't I believe in myself? In my own power to believe and to change?

Hope bloomed within me, however small it was. If all the foes of Neverland had faith in me, then that said something, right? Maybe I just had to have a little pinch of faith.

A smile lit up my face as Pan finally brought his blade down in a shining arc.

But it never reached me because in the next second my hand released the beam above me.

I plunged swiftly through the thin air, the wind whipping my hair about in a huge mess of disarray. The whole time, my eyes stared straight up into the shocked blue irises of Pan, and yet...I was unafraid. I had nothing to fear. If I had my faith and my trust, then I would be just fine.

I slowed down until I had completely stopped moving through the air. Time seemed to freeze around me. My smile brightened. I was floating, no, flying through the air!

Whoever said you needed Pixie dust?

I flipped over onto my stomach with a giddy laugh. I was doing it! I took off, rushing through the air towards the bewildered Pan.

My feet landed on the wooden beam in front of him with a dull thump, my back facing the mast.

Pan's face was a mask of complete shock. "You did it," he mumbled out.

My smile grew impossibly brighter. I had! I had finally found the faith within myself. To believe. To fight. To trust. And to fly. And I was utterly elated!

Pan shook himself before he stepped forward and raised his crooked dagger. The sharp nib came in contact with the tip of my nose. But there was not a shred of fear in my heart. I had to make him see.

"But...that is impossible," He said uncertainly, "You: a traitor and an adult. A non believer." Then he moved closer still and held his crude knife up to my throat. I felt it press against the calming pulse in my neck.

Still, I did not fear. I would save him.

I reached out to him and grasped his shoulder. "I can believe, Peter." My tongue faltered. I paused, stunned. That was first time I had ever called him by his name. A deep breath in, then I continued. "And I can fly because of that belief."

"Impossible." He spat harshly.

I smiled. "Of course it's not," I stated calmly, "Everyone has the chance to believe, no matter what age. Just like everyone has the choice to change. Even you, Peter." I paused for a small minute to consider my next words carefully, knowing they would have the most impact. "You just have to believe."

He dropped his dagger and backed away from me. My hand slipped from it's hold on his shoulder.

He shook his head slowly back and forth as my words destroyed his small perfect world. His head continued moving in that rhythm when I stepped up to him and wrapped my arms around him in a comforting hug.

"It's alright, Peter," I whispered softly. "You can change. You can let her go. Wendy is never coming back, but that's okay. Alright? You can move forward from this, Peter." I pulled away from our hug and held my hand out to him. "Help me defeat Hook, and then you can find a new life. A better life. A happier life. Will you, Peter? Will you help me?" I asked gently but firmly.

Pan glanced up at me, tears building in his azure gaze. He stepped towards me and engulfed me in a bone crushing hug. "Thank you, Gwen." He sobbed softly. "Thank you so much."

I felt his tears soak into the thin cotton of my pajamas as he hugged me close.

"You finally opened my eyes. And for that, I thank you." His words were filled with so much gratitude that my knees threatened to collapse underneath me.

"You're welcome." I whispered quietly.

Pan glanced down at me as the tears continued to stream down his face. "I'm not sure I'll be okay. But you'll be here to help me every step of the way, right, Gwen?"

His words gave me pause. Would I really? Could I really? But I knew, deep in my heart, that I would for as long as I was able. My next words rang out softly. "For as long as I can, Peter."

Pan smiled at me, his blue eyes lighting up behind the tears. "Of course." He said, like he expected nothing less from me.

I pulled away from the hug first and steadied myself on the wooden beam. I turned to him with a grim smile. "We still have Hook to take care of. We can finish this later, alright?"

He answered my question with a small nod and a soft smile.

"Alright then." I said confidently, "Off we go to fight a pirate captain."

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