New Beginning? Old Behavior| Chapter 1

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Hello everyone Here's a chapter!!!!more to come but I decided to post this because I've kept you waiting long enough. For those of you who are new to reading this I'm introducing everyone and lots of events so you can know what's going on.

I'm so excited for this part 2 and I hope you are all prepared for the craziness.


A Girly giggle made my eyes flutter open and a smile spread Across my face. Bright blue eyes, deep dimpled cheeks and wild brown curly hair stared back at me. "Hadlee!" I announced while wrapping her in my embrace. She giggled once more as I kissed her cheeks over and over. Her baby crib was positioned right next to my bed and my one year old princess manages to climb out of it every morning to crawl into my bed.

"Are you hungry?" I asked her and she smiled brightly and I laughed. I knew waking up that if my mates weren't next to me then they were downstairs cooking for me. It was our ritual every morning.
I decided to throw on my robe over my pajamas and
Carry Hadlee downstairs so we could eat.

"Good morning." I cheered entering the dining area of our pack house. Everyone immediately got excited to see me and I was so grateful to be around my family.

My sister Eleanor wasted no time snatching Hadlee out of my hands while Kingsley and kale hugged and kissed me all over. My best friend Taylor and her boyfriend Greg were here with there baby boy Christopher who was only three months younger then Hadlee. They belonged to Alpha Ashton's pack but they always came to hang out with us since it was close by. Eleanor's boyfriend Conor was also here and let's not forget Ava and Mr. Ben. My favorite people in the world. Ava was more like a grandmother to me and Mr. Ben a Grandfather. We were only missing one person, our other best friend Grace who was bitten by a Rogue and now rogue blood running through her veins . She left us last year when she couldn't control her urge to kill people. We missed her dearly but there's nothing no one could do and she wanted to go. I wasn't even sure if she was even alive.

"So what's going on?" I asked my friends as I sat down at the table between my mates. When I first walked down the steps I overheard them speaking about Alpha Ashton, We all always enjoyed our food but also always gossiped. We all sat at our long brown wooden table in the dinning room that could sit 10+ people.

"Well, he's having a big party for Christine. Ashton asked me to ensure you will all be there." Taylor told us and I raised my eyebrows then looked at Kingsley who was to busy mind linking kale.

Christine was Ashton's mate. He used to really like me, and I use to like him too, we actually use to be best friends but he over stepped everything by kissing me last year when he knew I was in a relationship with my mates. He did apologize for everything after he found his mate, we aren't actually friends now, but deifinetly are not enemies especially since my mate Kingsley has to stay cordial with him since they are both Alphas and have to work together.

"We will definitely be there." I smiled at Taylor and she nodded. Kingsley and kale continued to talk through mind link so I decided to eavesdrop.

I tried and tried so hard to listen in on them but they were intentionally blocking me out. I hated when they did that. The only reason I could think of for them blocking me out of hearing there conversation is because they had to be hiding something.

I shook my head and decided to shake the though out of my mind and gave my mates the benefit of the doubt. They hurt me so much last year, there's no way in hell they could possibly be keeping more secrets from me.

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