Chapter 28

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Your P.O.V.

I walked up to John and put my hand on his shoulder. "Just let him in", i sighed. John stepped aside so Sherlock came in. "Look Y/N I'm so  sorry, please, just forgive me?", he pleaded. I saw the look in his eyes.

"Sherlock, the truth is, I don't know if I can take you back. I will work to forgive you but I cant work miracles.", I sighed reluctantly. He smiled "That's all I'm asking for just now. Of course I would love to be back with you but if you arent happy just now, then I can wait", he sighed happily.
I walked over to Mary, "Let's give them some time", i said and nodded to John and Sherlock. Mary nodded and we walked into the kitchen and closed the door.

M: That was really brave of you

Y/N: I love him but I'm not sure if I can take him back after abandoning me for 2 years. I mean, what if i was pregnant and he left for 2 years? He cant just leave like that.

M: I know dear, I know.

She gave me a cuddle. Mary and I were really close now. She asked me if I would be Maid Of Honour at her wedding after John asked her and of course i said yes.

We walked back out to see Sherlock and John shaking hands.
I walked up to Sherlock and wrapped my arms around him and he put his arms around my waist. "Promise me, you wont leave again", i asked. "Yeah, I promise", he smiled. "I forgive you", I said. "I love you", he answered. "I love you too",I smiled. Out of the corner, i saw Mary and John smiling. "You were right, John", she whispered. "They are a really cute couple", she continued. Sher and I laughed. "Does that mean we're back together?", Sherlock asked. "Yes", I smiled. "I'm sorry for breaking you", he said. "You heard that?", I asked embarassed. "Yeah and I definitely dont regret it either", he said. We went home and just cuddled on the couch. "John's asked me to be his best man", Sherlock said. "That's amazing!", I smiled. "I have to make a speech", he sighed. "You'll be great.", I laughed. Before I knew it, Sher and I were kissing, one thing lead to another and...

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