Chapter 2

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Blue's pov

"Why were you asleep on that bench?" Curly asks after we had gotten our food. I was already halfway done with my burger. The boys had barely made a dent. I zip my lips again to remind him that I don't talk. He reaches in his pocket and pulls out his phone. He hands it to me. I glance down and see that he wanted me to type my answers.

'Because I had nowhere else to sleep.'

"But why? What about your bed at home? Won't your family be worried about you?" Eyebrow piercing questions.

'Don't know them. I live on the street. Names?'

"I'm sorry. I'm Calum, this is Luke,  Ashton, and Michael," dark hair tells me. I nod, feeling a little more comfortable now that I know their names.

"Have you always lived on the street?" Luke asks me. I shake my head and hold up five fingers.

"Five days?" Ashton guesses. I shake my head no.

"Weeks?" Luke asks. I shake my head no again.

"Months?" Michael questions. They were starting to get more and more worried. I shake my head no.

"Years?" Calum gasps. I nod, eating my French fries.

"Holy shit. How old are you?" Ashton asks. I type sixteen on the phone and show him.

"Wait a second. That means you've been living on the streets since you were eleven," Michael states. I nod, messing with the sleeves of my jacket. It was just in my lap for right now. It was too hot to wear that and my sweatshirt at the same time. I decided to leave my jacket off.

"Why weren't you in an orphanage?" Calum asks me. I make a sour face as I type.

'I was. But I left that hell hole. And I won't ever go back. I'd rather die on the streets.' The four of them looked shocked at what I typed. I don't care. I meant every word.

"Blue, do you want to live with us?" Calum asks out of nowhere. I make a shocked face. This had to be some sort of a trap. Buy me food, be nice, act like they care, then drop me off at the orphanage. The other boys wait expectantly for my answer. I hesitate.

I was normally an excellent judge of character. I had gotten pretty good at telling what people were thinking just by looking at their face. I could at least get a general idea. I'd seen enough fake looks to be able to identify them. But surprisingly, I couldn't find any sign of them lying to me. So, I sigh and shrug. The four boys took that as a yes and started to cheer. I sit there, watching them curiously. Most people around their age don't act like that in public.

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