Chapter 27

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Your P.O.V

I got up early and got dressed. I debated putting my chain on but i decided to leave it because i wasnt sure about Sherlock and I anymore. I woke up the kids and Cassy got dressed. I changed Joseph and then I put him in his pram. Cassy walked beside me as I pushed Joseph's pram. As we just got outside, we saw Sherlock. He looked awful as if he hadnt slept all night and had one of his old suits on. I took a deep breath in and walked out the door. He kept looking at me but I just went outside and hailed a cab.

Sherlock's P.O.V

I had to fake my own death, it wasnt as if I wanted to leave Y/N but she hasnt forgave me. As i went downstairs to get Mrs Hudson, the door to 221C opened and Y/N struggled out with a pram. I looked at her. My eyes were drawn to her neck. My heart deflated when I realised her locket wasnt there. She went outside to hail a cab. Before the cab left I jumped in. Making Y/N sigh angrily. She had to see that I was doing it for her.

Your P.O.V

Sherlock jumped into the cab. I sighed and turned the opposite way. I started cooing over Joseph and he started to gurgle and laugh. We arrived there, i paid the driver and got out with the kids as soon as possible. I pushed the pram to their home. I knocked on the door. And Cassy's mum invited me in. "Y/N are you okay sweetheart? You look upset?", she asked. I told her about Sherlock and she comforted me. I said I had to dash. "I understand, well thank you so much for looking after them",she said. "Honestly it was no bother", I smiled. I opened the door and stepped out. "Bye bye Auntie Y/N !", Cassy yelled. I opened my arms and she came running out to give me a cuddle. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Sherlock looking at me. "Bye, sweetie. Tell Joseph i said bye!", I smiled. She went in and I walked away to hail a cab. I got in and the Sherlock came in after me.

"Can you not take a hint?", i asked

"I noticed you werent wearing your locket", he sighed

"Well, I'm not sure if I want to be with you anymore after that little stunt you pulled", I said.

"It had to be done", he said.

"It didnt have to be done , Sherlock, we could have helped you, ya know cos' jumpimg of a bloody bulding solves everything(!)", i shouted sarcastically. I got off at John and Mary's house and he got off with me. John and I became closer over the fact that Sherlock was gone and he was like a brother to me. As soon as I reached the door, I knocked. Mary answered. She saw Sherlock running up the stairs too as well as tears slipping down my face and invited me in, shutting the door on him. I started to let the tears fall as I cried my heart out. John came out of the bathroom and Mary nodded towards the door whilst comforting me. John angrily walked towards the door.

J: "You have some nerve following her here, you know."

S: "Please John, let me see her."

John smacked Sherlock across ths face.

J: "You cant abandon someone for 2 years and then suddenly want something to do with them! She is in there, crying her heart out because of you!"

John was shouting by now. I turned around.

"Please.", I breathed.

"Let him in", I continued

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