12. Winners Are Grinners

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We were laying in Jays bed, the red satin sheets somehow making me feel sexy and naughty and I wondered if that was his plan.

My back was to his chest and I know he felt me stiffen at his words.  It wasn't that I didn't want to meet his sister and her family, I was just nervous.  Meeting Cam was one thing, he was playful and relaxed and a lot of fun.  He was a mate, not part of the family.

"Babe, it's better if you meet her now and the next few times you visit before we leave.  She'll love you and I want you to know someone other than me before we leave." 

I nodded, understanding and appreciating what he was saying.  "I know Jay, you just caught me by surprise that's all."  I felt his hold relax as he kissed my shoulder. 

"I should have told you earlier, I'm sorry."  I rolled over to face him, my hand reaching up to cup his cheek. 

"Don't be, it's actually really thoughtful.  And flattering."  I added quietly.

His fingers lifted my chin and I had no choice but to look into his beautiful eyes. 

"Flattering?"  He asked and I tried to pull away, but he held me in place.  I did what I promised myself and answered him honestly. 

"Yes, flattering." 

"I'm lost."  He said quietly.

I was quiet for a while, just losing myself in his eyes.  Taking a deep breath I started speaking. 

"I don't know what I was expecting, what I am expecting Jay.  This is the strangest situation I've ever found myself in.  Yes, it feels weird to he meeting a part of your family so soon, but given the circumstances, I really appreciate the thought.  I just wonder if she's going to think it as strange that you've introduced us so soon and if she'll have lots of questions that I can't answer and...." 

His lips moved against mine and cut off any further thoughts.

"Babe, they'll be here 2 hours max before the others turn up and I know for a fact that Cam loves you.  Fucking ass."  He added under his breath and I laughed. 

"Oh, you think that's funny?" He teased as he pulled me towards him. 

His lips met mine again and I melted against him.  "I'm here for you Jay, only you.  Nothing else matters."  I confessed as I pressed my lips to his neck, placing soft kisses down to his chest, my tongue flicking over his nipple.  I'd read somewhere that some guys liked that and I smiled as I realised that Jay was one, his groan confirmed it as his hand wrapped around the back of my neck and held me in place.

I kissed my way over to his other nipple and received the same reaction and then I slowly kissed and licked and tasted my way down his hard body.  Jays breath was as harsh as mine, his in anticipation, mine in excitement and a little fear.  In all the years I'd been married, I'd never felt comfortable with giving head and I'd avoided it as much as possible.

But now, now I couldn't think of anything I wanted to do more.  As if instinct took over, I reached for him and rubbed my hand along his shaft, his reaction obvious as he hardened beneath my touch.  I squeezed him tighter as I began to stroke him, up and down, up and down.  My tongue flicked out and licked away his precum and then I took him into my mouth. I felt Jays fingers in my hair as he gently guided my movements and I hollowed my cheeks and took him deeper each time.

"Fuck Mia!"  He growled as I felt his cock twitching and his fingers tightening around my hair as he started to thrust up into my mouth.  I let him take control, I had minimal experience and really wanted him to enjoy this.

"The things you can do with that mouth babe." His voice was deep and gravelly and it affected me as it always did. "Babe, I'm so close." He grunted as he tried to pull my head back. I looked up to meet his seriously deep green eyes and massaged his balls, his eyes closed and a deep growl built up from his chest, giving me enough encouragement to continue until he spurted his thick cum to the back of my throat.

"Jesus christ Mia, that fucking mouth of yours is so sexy." He panted as he pulled me up against his chest, his thumb rubbing over my bottom lip and my tongue darted out to meet it. His lips were on mine in an instant, his tongue in my mouth seemingly not caring that he could taste himself. Breaking away to take a breath, I smiled at the look of contentment on his face, the look of happiness which I had helped put there.

"What are you thinking?"  He asked when he saw my expression. 

"That you look happy."  I answered shyly. 

"Of course I'm happy."  He grinned.  "I have you lying naked beside me, your sexy little mouth has just given me the best blow job I've had in years, if not ever." 

His thumb rubbed along my bottom lip as his eyes stayed focussed on mine.  "Your more than perfect tits are pressed against my chest and you're about to sit your tight, juicy cunt on my face.  I'm very happy." 

It took a moment for his words to register and I blushed when they did.  "You want me to....."  I couldn't finish the sentence and he smirked as he nodded. 

"I want you to move up and smother me with your kitty juices as you fuck my face."  I took a quick sharp breath but couldn't move, still not sure if he was being serious.

His hand reached down and cupped my breast, his thumb gliding over my nipple in that way that he knew drew my attention solely to him. 

"I want you to fuck my face Mia."  He confirmed as he squeezed my nipple. 

I had one leg either side, my hands holding onto the headboard, Jays eyes staring up at my wet pussy before guiding me down.  My eyes closed as I felt his tongue slide against me and I involuntarily pushed against him, before gasping and pulling back. 

"Let your body react Mia."  He said as he pulled me back, his mouth latching onto my throbbing clit. 

Before long I was rubbing myself against him, no longer feeling embarrassed or unsure, just chasing the orgasm that was slowly building inside.

I briefly wondered if Jay could breath, but that thought disappeared as his tongue entered me, his hands on my waist pulling me closer still.  I rotated my hips and Jay groaned beneath me, I didn't know if it was a good groan or a bad one, I didn't care as I felt that pleasurable pulsing beginning to take hold. 

I raised a hand to my breast and held it as if it was Jay, my thumb stroking over my hardened nipple.  Jay growled against my clit and I thrust against his face in short, sharp movements as I screamed out my release. 

He held me in place, his mouth greedily taking every drop that left my body until it became too much and I rolled off of him.

His face held a full on grin when I finally looked at him. 

"See what you've been missing?"  He teased and my already flushed face heated more as I nodded. 

"I had no idea, that...that was" I drew in a raspy breath.  "fucking insane."  I found myself grinning with him.

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