Chapter 26

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~~~~~~~~~2 years later~~~~~~~~~

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Your P.O.V

The whole group went out for dinner: John, Greg, Sam, Mary and I. I had also regularly kept in contact with little Cassy's parents. They had just had another little baby. A boy called Joseph and they wanted a night to themselves so they asked me to look after them both for the night. They said it was okay that i was going out and gave me a bottle to feed Joseph. They said just to order Cassy what she wanted. I got ready and picked up Sam. We walked to get Cassy and Joseph. We picked them up and hailed a cab to the restaurant. We got there and everyone else was already there. There was also a waiter serving them. I kept my head down till' we reached the table. The waiter kept looking at me. I sat Cassy beside Sam, i sat beside Cassy and sat with Joseph in my arms. Tonight John was going to propose to Mary. He ordered some type of wine and was about to propose. The waiter came back just as he was about to propose and we all were trying to hold in our laughter. John looked up at the waiter and was speechless. I didnt look up yet. I grabbed the bottle and started to feed Joseph while Cassy looked at the menu. John banged his fist and the table. I quickly looked up, Joseph started crying. What i saw stunned me. It couldnt be. He was meant to be dead. Sherlock. The impact from the table hit knocked wine all over Joseph's blanket. I took off my jacket, handed Joseph to Sam. He shut up crying and i replaced Joseph's blanket with my jacket. He handed me back Joseph. John lunged for Sherlock and i quickly got up with Joseph in my arms. Sam helped hold John back. Cassy started to cry. I walked inbetween John and Sherlock with Joseph and they stopped fighting. I gave Joseph to John and slapped Sherlock across the face. I took back Joseph, took Cassy's hand and we walked back to my house. I got changed into my pjs and I tucked Cassy into my bed. And put Joseph in his cot. I sat on the couch and started to cry quietly. It couldn't be. He cant be alive. Why did he leave me?  How is he alive? So many questions. I felt a little pair of hands on my back. It was Cassy. I pulled her up beside me and tucked her into my blanket too. I put my arm around her and she fell asleep. I heard the door open and I just assumed it was John, until a head of curly hair consumed my vision.

S: Look, I'm so sorry. I had to fake it. Words cant explain how sorry I am.

Y/N: Look I cant deal with this just now.

I lifted up Cassy and tucked her in my bed.

I came back and sat down.

S: You make a great mother. I'm happy you moved on.

I laughed.

Y/N: Are you being serious? That's Cassy, the little girl we rescued? The day we had our first kiss? I wouldnt expect you to remember cause you've ditched me for two years.

S: Nonsense, of course I know, but the baby boy. Im happy for you and Sam.

Y/N: You know for an international genious you are remarkably thick. Joseph isnt mine! Hes Cassy's little brother. Im looking after them tonight.

He looked relieved.

Y/N: I never moved on from you, i dont know how you ever thought that.

I sounded offended.

S: Im sorry.

Y/N: Its Fin-.

He cut me off with a sweet kiss. I wasnt ready for all of this so i didnt kiss back but god i missed him.

S: Does this mean we're still together?

Y/N: To be honest? I'm not sure Sherlock. You left me by myself  for 2 years. Two years of greiving, two years of nightmares, two years of hating life! You abandoned John and hell no, you didnt even tell me why!

Joseph started crying. I went into ny room quietly, picked him up and shushed him. I brushed past Sherlock to get another one of Joseph's bottles. I took him into the kitchen and gave him his bottle.

S: Look Y/N, I'm sorr-

I cut him off.

Y/N: Sherlock I dont know what to think so please just can you leave me alone right now.

He walked out the door. I put Joseph back into his cot and went back to my bed on the couch. I fell asleep within a matter of seconds.

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