Chapter 25

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Your P.O.V

The day had arrived. The dreaded day. Sherlock's funeral. I went to go get John and Mrs Hudson. We got to the funeral and the preist said all kinds of stuff. To be honest, I never listened. I knew that if Sherlock was here, he'd be bored out of his genious mind too. Then it got to the eulogy's. I got called up.
"My name is Y/N L/N and Sherlock Holmes was the love of my life. We had so many great times and there arent enough words in any language to describe how much I loved him. To most people, they thought Sherlock was a fraud. Bur to me, he was one of the only people on this earth that I would take a bullet for. Maybe he thought that this world was too dumb for his intellectual capacity or that it wasnt worthy of it or something. Time is precious, and I'm so glad that I was one of the last people that Sherlock Holmes managed to spend his last few moments of time with.", i started to tear up. "Rest In Peace, My Curly-Haired Detective", i cried. I placed three nicotine patches on his coffin. "Here you go Sher", I said. "I think this one is most definitely a three patch problem", I continued. John came up and gave me a massive cuddle. We sat down and all we saw was people giving us looks and whispers of sympathy.

-----------------Time Skip-------------

I waited patiently as John said his words to Sherlock at the grave. And as he came back i stepped forward.

"You know, i always used to think that you were invincible. That no matter how many times you were punched, you would always get back up again. You see, I think we were sent down here to be tested. Yeah we find love and all that. But i think the point was that we were to be pushed to see how far we could be pushed until we break. But i've already been broken, Sherlock. You broke me. But i dont regret it for a minute.", I said shakily. I wiped my tears and walked away.

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