Chapter 24

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Your P.O.V

1 month later.

Again, i woke up to another paper being dropped through my door about how fake Sher was. I just ignored it after all different papers have different stories.
Sam asked me to take him to show him around my work today because he said Sherlock and John were busy today. We caught a cab and arrived at Scotland Yard sooner than expected. We walked in to Lestrade reading the paper. He put it down in front of me. My face blushed, it was me with the Holmes family when we were all out on the pizza float. He laughed "Glad you had a nice time Y/N", he continued. "Oh my god little Sammy?", he asked. Sam laughed. "In the flesh", he said. The whole day was running smoothly until I got a phonecall from John.

Y/N: John. What's wrong?

J: Y/N, get to St. Bart's roof right away.

Y/N: John what's happened?

My heart was beating out my chest already.

J: It's Sherlock, he's about to jump.

I dropped my phone and ran out the door all the way to St. Bart's. I got there and nearly fainted at the sight before me. Sher was on top of the roof ready to jump. My phone rang. I picked it up.

S: Y/N?

Y/N: Sherlock Holmes, dont you dare.

I started to cry.

S: Don't worry, John will fill you in.

Y/N: You can fill me in when you get down from there.

S: I'm not coming down dear.

Y/N: Sherlock, dont, please.

I pleaded and pleaded. But all he did was start to sing a familiar song. I recognised it right away and started to sob:

Love it when I'm play-pretending,
When I can take bullets to the heart.
Fu***n up my happy ending.
But I can take bullets to the heart.

Breath and balance and love,
I was born on the scene.
Now it runs in my blood,yeah, you
Know what I mean.
When I'm dead and gone will they
Sing about me?
Dead and gone will they scream my name?
Scream my name.

The first song i sang to him. Sobs racked my body. He remembered.

Y/N: Jesus, Sherlock, dont. You can't do this. I won't let you!

S: Goodbye, love.

He jumped.

John and I shouted: "SHERLOCK!". John got hit with a cyclist and I ran to help him. I had my back turned to my boyfriend who had just jumped from a roof . I couldnt bear to look. A few other people helped me get him up. We ran to Sher. I couldnt speak. He actually done it, he killed himself. I clung to John and faced the other way as he fought through to examine his pulse. He hugged me tightly and I sobbed my heart out. I buried my head in the crook of John's neck as he clutched me as if he wasnt going to let me go. He was gone. I clutched my locket and couldnt bear to open it. Paramedics took his body away but we already knew it was pointless. Sherlock Holmes, the love of my life, committed suicide.

--------------------Time Skip----------------

The news and newspapers were all crowded with pictures from yesterday. The picture was me and John hugging, while my head was faced the other way on his shoulder as he was examining Sherlock's body pulse. My heart broke at the sight of it again. I couldnt bear going up to 221B so i made my way to work:

 I couldnt bear going up to 221B so i made my way to work:

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I made an effort to get dressed. I walked to work for a change. I got looks of sympathy of people. It was Sherlock's funeral on Friday so i would just have to take my mind off it. Two days and we can lay him to rest. A single tear slipped down my cheek and I wiped it away quickly. I didnt see where I was going and I bumped into someone. I looked up and realised it was Sam. We walked to Scotland Yard together and i hurried through the door quickly. Sam went to tell Greg I was here. I went into ny office and burst out into tears. I heard a knock and told them to come in. Greg. I came up to me and gave me a massive hug. I cried into his shoulder, wishing I was crying into Sherlock's.

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