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3rd Person POV

Antonio, Matthew, and Kiku were sitting down eating with the other three. Ivan had left a little while ago and the cafeteria continued talking.

Toris, Raivis, and Eduard were completely quiet after Raivis cleaned up the plate. Feliks glared at the three. "Why didn't you guys, like, do anything?" He asked.

"He's scary...." Eduard mumbled, continuing his work.

"You shouldn't push them too hard, Feliks. You of all people should know the fear they feel." Another voice said, different from the three of them.

Antonio glanced up, seeing a teen who was roughly his age. He had a small clip in his hair, fitting a small cross. He had light blonde hair.

"Ugh you, like, should totally know too."

"Everyone knows here."

"Ugh, fine, Lukas. I'm going to, like, eat something now." Feliks said, grabbing his food and walking off.

"Thanks Lukas. He would've blown a fuse on us. When we are down, would you like to greet the new guys with us?" Toris asked, referring to them.

"...Hm. Okay." Lukas said back.

Antonio and Kiku glanced at each other. Matthew was quiet, fiddling with his

"...They'll just tell you guys some rules and attempt to be your friends... Lately Ivan's been taunting them about them being sex slaves theirselves. I feel bad for Raivis though, he's only 11... Toris is the oldest, he's 16. Eduard is 15." Arthur said, "The bloody wanker is a devil."

"That's sad." Kiku muttered, picking at his food.

"It's messed up, dude. Ivan is a messed up commie."

"...Commie...?" Kiku asked, his eyebrows furrowing in confusion.

"Communist. He's from Russia." Arthur said.

"...And why is that an issue?"

"Commies suck man!"

"...How so...?"

"U-uh.... They just do!"

The rest of the table mentally facepalmed. Alfred continued on with his rant on how commies suck and how much Ivan expresses that.

"You can't choose where you're born, Alfred." Matthew said, shutting down his entire rant.

"But he's still a commmmiiiiieeeee..." Alfred whined.

Matthew rolled his eyes, standing up and throwing away his food. When everyone was done the group, who was giving the food out, plus Lukas greeted the three.

"Hello. My name is Lukas."

"I'm Antonio, nice to meet you."


"Honda Kiku, it's a pleasure to meet you."

"I'm Toris, this is Eduard and this is Raivis."

"Nice to meet you." Raivis said, trembling.

"Hello." Eduard said simply.

"We have to go over the rules." Toris started, "First, no defying Ivan. Second, you have to always do what Ivan wants. Thirdly, you will be punished if you lash out against him. Forth, talk about escape results in immediate punishment. Fifth and final rule, if you defy enough... You'll be sold off or killed. Punishment includes but is not limited to, whips, pipes, mental torture, and torture in general." Toris said, mumbling the rules softly and sympathetically. 

"Toris, you like, have to, like, see this!" A voice made Toris turn his head.

"S-sorry, I'll be back later." 

"...Ivan might call for you guys later. He likes to sell our bodies for a day. That person who buys us gets to do whatever he likes. If we disobey that person, we get punished by Ivan." Lukas continued Toris.

"...New boys come in every week. If Ivan asks you, you have to share rooms with them. But I suspect you guys are sharing already, am I correct?"

"Hai, we are all sharing rooms." Kiku said.

"Are you guys virgins still?"

"...No, Ivan asked us to... You know..." Gilbert muttered.

"...I see." Lukas answered Gilbert, looking away. "Ivan is a sociopath. He doesn't feel remorse. Though, I don't blame him all that much."

"What do you mean?" Antonio asked.

"...Ivan was abused ever since birth, he got a bad head wound when he was 8. Ivan fell into a coma, when he awoke he was completely different. He was more... Deranged. When he was 18, he killed his parents, and managed to get off the hook. Ever since then, he has been using sex slaves. Toris gets the brunt of his abuse, from his brothers. Ivan often complains to Toris about his troubles. He tends to have depression bouts. In this stage he can lash out at anyone, so please stay away from him during these."

"That's horrible..." Matthew murmured.

"It still doesn't justice to his actions, making the kids he kidnaps lives' horrible." Lukas muttered, glaring at his shoes. "I had a friend here once, after he defied Ivan, he disappeared and I don't know where he is today..."

"I think he's thinking about adopting someone Raivis' age." Eduard said, "He's been talking about how a new little one would bring more customers in."

"He better not go to the orphanage..." Antonio growled under his breath.

"Hai, Antonio-Kun... Though he does not seem to like our orphanage. But he might adopt Feliciano-Kun and Lovino-San."

(Kiku takes care of Feli more than Lovi so the familiarity isn't as well to add 'Kun')

"...More customers he said? He doesn't like Feli or Lovi, he might."

"...How old are they?" Lukas asked.

"...12." Antonio answer.

"The same age as Raivis." Lukas muttered.

"...We better be going." Eduard said, grabbing Raivis' hand and leading him off into a hallway.

"I will be leaving as well." Lukas muttered, following the duo.

The table was left in complete silence afterwards.

Antonio was the first to break the silence, "Well uhm what do we do after breakfast?"

"Wait until he calls you," Gilbert started, "He picks out certain people for certain jobs and sometimes for his own personal pleasure."

"Creep." Matthew muttered, "He's a creep, and he's done this to you guys for three whole years."

"It's no problem for a hero like me!"

"Even hero's can break down." Kiku mumbled, ending the conversation completely and leaving the table in silence.

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