Chapter 1~ 3 ounces love

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Louis hadn't been healing right. The triplets were 3 weeks old and the tiny angel still couldn't stand up straight. After much conversation on the topic it came to an agreement to give Louis the shot that he was taking while he was pregnant. It was going to heal him but God made sure to have a stern conversation with Harry telling him that yes, Louis was healed but he was also able to get pregnant again. The demon would need to use protection from then on.

God himself wasn't against Louis getting pregnant again but he knew that if Louis got pregnant while the triplets were still young then he would be under a lot of stress. God had plans with Harry that would make him unavailable to home a lot and Louis couldn't handle three children himself let alone being pregnant. God also made up his mind on the amount of children in Louis next pregnancy. Seeing as Louis made it through triplets god was sure he could go through another set. Maybe not triplets but twins.

When Louis was healed god had the archangels help the couple move into their home that was built. It took a full day to get things the way that Louis wanted it. The three nursery rooms were set up but the babies weren't going to sleep in them until they were 6 months old. Louis didn't want to worry about them and he said at 6 months they should be fine by themselves at night.

Things were going smoothly so far.

“Saraqael needs a bottle” Louis mumbled pushing a hand onto a sleeping Harrys back making sure to be careful of the tightly folded wings.

“It's your turn” Harry grunted turning in the bed pulling Louis tiny frame into his arms holding him tight to his chest.

“Harold you know damn well I was up all last week. It's your turn. I'll feed him but you have to make the bottle. 3 ounces love. He's getting hungrier,” Louis said pulling out of Harrys arms, lifting his feet a little bit and pushing Harry off the bed with them. “And hurry love please,” Louis said shifting to pull the whimpering baby out of his little bed attached to the larger bed. He pulled the tiny month and a half old to his chest. Louis was lying on his side, his head propped up by his hand. Saraqael was on his back snug against Louis chest.

The babies couldn't make tears yet and that broke Louis heart to see Saraqael cry. No real wails or tears. It was pathetic really and Louis didn't like it. Harry was back then with a warm bottle of almost see through milk. Louis shook the bottle again, squirted some milk onto his wrist, then fit the nipple into the tiny babies mouth. Harry snuggled close behind Louis wrapping his arm around the angels middle.

“I've been talking to god about something,” Harry said and Louis tilted his head a little bit to look back at Harry who then rested his head on Louis waist.

“What about?” Louis asked glancing at Saraqael to make sure he was eating fine before back at Harry.

“Turning into an angel. I'm serious about this. He said that the process of turning will take a month. That's a long time and I was thinking about asking him if Liam, Niall, and Zayn came up and helped you with the babies,” Harry said lifting a little bit to see what Louis reaction was.

“He wont like that. That's three demons in heaven. At once, people will start taking advantage of him and then what? Heaven will be taken over. I don't want that and if you're turning into an angel you don't want that either. I'll be fine with the boys.” Louis said turning to shift the bottle around in Saraqaels mouth because he fell asleep. The baby jerked at the movement and sucked at the nipple again blinking lazily.

Harry sighed and ran his hand down Louis side smiling at the curve. “If you're sure Louis. I really don't like leaving you alone” Harry said and Louis turned a little more to give the demon a smile.

“I promise i'll be fine. When do you plan on leaving?” He asked and Harry furrowed his brow laying back looking at the ceiling.

“I don't know God and I haven't talked about it much” Harry said and Louis nodded. “Sooner rather than later” Harry said and Louis nodded again.

Louis pulled the nipple from Saraqaels lips and handed back to Harry so he could take care of it. Louis sat up pulling Saraqael to his chest so he could burp him. It was only 4 in the morning and being up so early was starting to get to Louis a little bit. He didn't want to fall asleep without getting this burp out because then Saraqael would be in pain all night and not go to sleep, then sleep during the day, then be awake all night.

Harry left the bed and room to clean the bottle. Saraqael burped just as Harry walked back into the room and Louis laid the baby down in his bed before snuggling under the blankets. Harry smiled leaning over the side of the bed to kiss his lover.

“Go to sleep love. I'll take care of the next one who wakes” harry said moving around the room to get dressed in sweats and a t-shirt. The couple slept naked.

“When are you going to talk to the goddess of love?” Louis asked and Harry wrinkled his nose.

“In a week actually” He said moving to sit down on the bed after moving the three boys beds around so they were at his side instead of Louis. “Now sleep love,” Harry said bending over to make sure none of the boys had a wet nappy.

“Alright, I'll see you in a few hours” Louis said snuggling down further into the bed letting sleep take over.


I know it's short. There wasn't anything else in my mind to tell you guys and this is what happened!!!

I kinda threw the goddess of love back in there because i almost forgot about it and if i didn't put it in now it wasn't going to be said.

Alright, if you can't read the title of this story this is BOOK TWO of a series. Go back and read book ONE. You wont understand anything really if you don't, i mean you might.

This story isn't going to be jammed packed with smut, there is only going to be one maybe two scenes.

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