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heey guys ! soo...i was talking to my shawty/mumma's boy ! and i was telling him about my IPhone dilemma (he asked so i told him :P) anyways, he told me i should post it cos im good ( <--yeah right!) at telling stories :P i might add about my grounding and stuff to, when i can be bothered XD aiight so enjoy for now !! the first bit is a little bit of backround. if you have any complaints..keep them to yourself (; im not a writer and i not fussed about grammar and stuff (x but if your confused about anything, then gimme a shout :D 

Backround::: so when i was in canada and moving back to scotland my cousin gave me an Iphone 3g. My dad said that i didnt need a phone so he took it instead and said he'd use it. I put up a fight for it but he just ignored me and kept using it. Then he got and Ipod toucb which he said all four kids had to share. My cousins agreed with me saying it was technically mine ,since he took my phone which was a gift in the first place. Now after a year he got the Iphone 4s. And said me and my sister were having a competition as to who gets the Iphone 3g. It was the first person in the TV room on friday and has time to eat breakfast before 8am. So i stayed up till 12am on thursday and had cereal (<--im too good at finding loopholes like when i was 'grounded' but thats another story :P) then on friday morning i took my time getting ready for school like i normally do and was downstairs just in time to get i to the car. He said i get a 'strike' because i wasnt downstairs on time so i told him how i wS down there at 12am and had cereal but he said it didnt count...

This morning i woke up and did the normal stuff i do in the mornings then went to eat lunch (i slept through breakfast :D). Finished my roti and helped clean up when my mum asked me what i did to the phone..she said i broke it. And told me to go explain myself. At the same time i was helping my uncle put music on his phone because they magically disappeared off of it. So i told my mun that all i did was connect it to itunes, restore it and then it stopped working after that. But she's like 'go explain it yourself, i wasnt there so i dont know what happened'  

About 30 minutes later i finished getting music for my uncle and synced it all in and went to go see my dad. I walked in and explained the story on what happened. THAT is where the agruement begins.. 

(((((something's up with that.. ^)))))

After i finished telling the story he asked me why i even took the phone in the first place. I replied with "technically its my phone because you took it from me when Happy (cousins nickname) gave it to ME as a gift" he told me to 'stop with the technicalities' and asked me what i got in after he took the Iphone. I said: an Ipod touch.

Dad; "exactly. Were you not happy with that? Its the same thing as an Iphone but you didnt need the phone part. You were only going to use it as an ipod anyways" 

Me: "well i put up a fight for it. But you just ignored me and took it anyways. I could've used the IPhone as an Ipod and then used it as a phone later on, but no you gave me a crappy phone that you got in a convenience store that goes on top up. And then try to mame up for by giving US an Ipod. They are the same things but one has a phone in it. Plus you got a new IPhone so i should get it back. And you know what. I dont give a shit anymore so just give it to Raveen. " (before you say anything. Me and my cousins were chatting about the competition bit yesterday and they said when one of them gets an upgrade then i'll get their Iphone4 so if my dad does something like that then i should tell him to give it ti raveen. Basically they arent big fans of my mum and dad because of a few things a couple years ago..)

So my dad then went on telling me how he got it jailbroken and so it cant be updated or restored. I didnt know he did that because when i was in Canada i asked my cousin to do it, but he didnt have time to. But my dad kept saying "ITS ALL YOUR FAULT!"

Then my dads like; "fine i will give it to raveen (my sister) but im not getting you anymore new stuff. You can just keep what you have. And i'll take the ipod back, since you don't deserve it. You didn't even share the ipod with them when you had it anyways, im guessing thought that it belonged to you to ?(<--asshole) " 

Me; " well take the ipod see if i care. And one of them *jerk head towards siblings* took the ipod and hid it anyways. So i dont even know where it is. Do what you want cos im just fed up" *insert dramatic exit*  


my mum came up to me asking if she knew why my dad was mad and stuff so i told her that its because i 'broke' the IPhone.

Mum; you kniw he loves you right ?

Me; mmhmm

Mum; well you know why hes mad at you isnt because of you breaking the IPhone its because of your attitude (she said the same thing last time..its always my attitude..)

I walked away from her and started going downstairs. While i was on the stairs she questioned me again.

Mum; "do you know why?"

Me; (yes i shouted even though my aunts were downstairs..but i forgot that at the moment) YES MUM I KNOW WHY !! HE THINKS I BROKE THE IPHONE END OF STORY !!! AND YES IM FINE SO JUST LEAVE IT, STOP TRYING TO PLAY PEACEMAKER AND LEAVE IT ALONE !!!!!!!"

So i havent talked to either of them today. And if my mum asked me something all i said was mhmm or given short answers.

So thats my story xD

SOOO !! who do you think was right ? i kinda see my dad's point now, but he still hasnt talked to me since Saturday. :P

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