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 ---After my dreaming, I woke with this fear.---Forgetting all the hurt inside you've learned to hide so well, pretending someone else can come & save me from myself.----


I ran full force towards the vampire trying to kill my sister. Micah's fangs were buried deep into her neck and lucky for her, she was already unconscious.

Throwing my body at him, I hit him hard enough to make him let go of Alex and he stumbled backwards. It sent pain coursing throughout my entire body from the impact of his stone-like chest. But it was enough to make him stop draining her blood.

He turned towards me his eyes blazing and I glanced down at Alex who was passed out on the floor still. Micah was practically foaming at the mouth in rage but I knew the anger showed on my own face as well. I was the first to speak, "It's me you want, ME! NOT HER!"

He blinked. Unchanged by my yelling, he replied, "You shouldn't have let him touch you. Then I wouldn't have had to touch her."

I threw my hands in the air, fed up with this game, "Why the hell do you care?! Why the HELL do you care? You are trying to KILL me! So why do you care about what he does?"

His voice boomed throughout the room and I couldn't help but hunch my shoulders a bit at the power it had on me. "I WILL NOT LET YOU QUESTION WHAT I SAY! I AM ROYALTY, HUMAN, ROYALTY!"

I couldn't help but roll my eyes at his words, "Okay big hot shot vampire, so you're royalty. That makes no difference to me. Because to me," I pointed a figure at myself, "To me, you're just a stupid, self-centered, arrogant LEACH!"

I made the mistake of blinking and next thing I knew there was a shove and I was flying through the air. I flailed my arms and legs but it didn't stop the impact. I hit the wall with an extreme amount of force and slid down to the ground.

Black dots interfered with my vision and my body slumped against the wall. My body was unmovable, there were no words for the pain the was filling every inch of it. I felt like giving up. What was worse than this?

I heard his feet stomping across the room towards me but there was nothing left in me to fight back. The footsteps stopped inches from me, "Get up."

I had no energy to speak. So I thought, go to hell.

 He yanked on my arm and I squealed in sheer pain. He let go and I briefly glanced up through squinted eyes to see his figure standing there still. The pain was never ending, I would welcome death in this state I was in.

Yet, death never came.

He bent down so that he was close to me and I tried to open my eyes wider. I took in his figure. He was every definition of a predator. He was so alluring, so breath-takingly handsome and yet, he could snap my neck with his bare hands.

His voice drifted into my head as I layed there, eyes closed, Katherine.

I didn't respond, I just layed there silently. I pushed a thought loudly through my head, hoping to reach him because I knew he was my last chance to survive this. Nathaniel.....

Micah's voice sounded above me, "Nathaniel? Nathaniel?! NATHA-"

The air was knocked out of him as he was tackled to the ground. My vision was still a bit blurred but I watched as Nathaniel over-powered Micah onto the ground. He was moving with anger coursing through him and he held Micah down.

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