Chapter 4: Shots Fired

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Luke ended class a few minutes early leading us over to the launch deck. Twin fighters lined the ground painted orange and a glossy silver, however the planes seemed somewhat old and rusted. They were probably used during the rebellion and were sold cheaply to us.

Perhaps my father stole them from my mother. It wouldn't be unlike him to do such a heinous act. He always used to tell me, "Once a smuggler, always a smuggler" before he left me and my mother. To bad he never understood, "Once a father, always a father!"

Luke began pairing us as partners and luckily I got Poe. We both got into different fighters awaiting commands.

Luke began a long disquisition about the controls and our task. He explained, "You will be chasing down 3 small drones. Because they move so fast and are hard to hit you must trust in the force to help guide you into hitting them. This simulation will also work on teamwork as you must work together to get all 3 drones in under a minute. Any questions?"

As well equipped I am at the force I am not very good at letting it guide me when it came to piloting. Poe was amazing when it came to piloting. He had this challenge in the bag unlike me who was silently freaking out but held the fear from showing on my face. Poe whispered over to me, "Your twitching your fingers again. Are you nervous?"

I tried to blow him off by saying "no", but he already caught me nervously twitching. He shook his head at me in disapproval as he knew I was lying. I shifted uncomfortably in my seat hearing the old seat squeak as I did. It was a wonder these old rust buckets still flew. Luke called out, "Ben and Poe are up first. Timer commences in three two one."

I grabbed the controls and turned the fuel on allowing the ship to rumble on and lurch forward across the runway. Pulling up on the joint stock I shot toward the foggy atmosphere with Poe flying beside me giving me a thumbs up. I flipped the communication switch on and announced, "Testing 123".

Poe answered back over the com, "I hear you loud and clear Ben." Just as he finished his sentence three small objects appeared on my radar which must have been the drones. "Poe said in a cocky attitude over the intercom, "Let me handle this and try to stay out of the way."

His plane made a nosedive toward one of the drones as he blasted away at it leaving a small explosion in his wake. I really wanted to help him since this was a "team building exercise." I took a sharp U turn toward the farthest drone opposite of poe's direction and began firing away as all of my shots seemed to miss.

My radar let off another little beeping noise as the second drone was shot down. Poe managed to catch up behind me and said into the com, "Pull up and I will make the shot."

Annoyed I told him, "No, I'm helping too."

Poe tried to go around me but did not manage to pick up enough speed.

Poe shouted over the intercom, "PULL UP WE DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS!"

I ignored him and tried to let the force guide me as green lasers shot toward the Drone. The drone easily evaded the shots doing dives and barrel rolls. A little red buzzer went off in my ship announcing that time was up.

Poe angrily fumed over the intercoms, "You should have pulled up!"

I couldn't answer him because I knew he was right. I had no answer to why he wasn't in the wrong. We failed this assignment because of me. I had nothing left to say so I bowed my head in shame heading quickly back to the base. Letting my ship rest down easily on the tarmac and hopped out throwing my helmet towards luke and running toward the exit.

I was embarrassed at my failure and the last thing I wanted to do was face Poe. I continued running as I heard Luke call out, "Where are you going Ben!"

I heard Poe say to luke, "Leave him." The rest of their conversation became to faint to hear as I ran through the dark and rocky tunnels. Dimly lit by torches the tunnels never seemed very bright and cheerful. They were uninviting as they gave off a smoky smell and were not bright enough to completely light up the hallway.

Making my way toward the tunnel exits I unlatched a door that lead to the outside. Sunshine hit me fast leaving my eyes blinded by it's bright light. As my eyes readjusted I ran over to one of the bigger huts and hid behind it's cold stone walls.

I slid down into a sitting position against a wall feeling the dew of the grass against my fingers. Wallowing in my own misery that I created for myself I took a deep breath closing my eyes.

A slight breeze blows by easing the tension I felt. The sound of light footsteps against the grass makes me open my eyes to see a small frail little girl.

Her light honey brown hair is messily pulled back into two buns in back. Small curly strands fall into her face over her sparkly brown eyes. She sits down across from me legs crossed and looks at me puzzled as she says, "You're upset?

I knew all of Luke's Padawans and she was definitely not one. "Who are you, and what are you doing here anyway."

"The names Rey Skywalker" She proudly announced.

My mouth dropped open stunned at the fact she was the same baby I cared for three years ago. I began laughing and said, "I remember when your were Just a baby!"

She asked cheerfully, "Was I a cute baby!"

I responded back in somewhat of a better mood, "Since the moment you were left on Luke's doorstep."

Her cheerful smile fell from her face as a sad puzzled face came over her as she said, "What do you mean left, I am Luke's daughter."

Oh... no... She didn't know she was adopted. Luke is going to kill me. I quickly tried to cover up my mistake by saying, "Never mind what I said..."

She cut me off and said, "You're Lying." as she ran off toward the temple shouting, "Daddy!"

I pushed my hand through my hair distraught by the situation at hand. I Just kept making things worse. I quickly got up and chased after her.

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