5.) A new mission

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Chapter 5: A new mission

"Scarlett, hurry up.", Alec was basically dragging me down to the main room,"Aro said he needs us for something urgent."  "Alright, alright, I'm coming.", I replied. We went down to the main hall. Marcus looked at me and Alec and began to smile.  "Scarlett," Aro began,"How are you enjoying your new life?"  I smiled,"The transformation was the worst thing imaginable...but I think I'm going to like it here."  Jane did a 'hmph' as if there was something worse than the transformation.  Her power, obviously.

Caius spoke,"We have a mission for you five. Go to Forks right now! There's a vampire army. Make sure they don't expose us, and while you're there, pay the cullens a little visit. Remind them of our deal."  We all nodded in agreement. 

Soon we were on the plane heading to Forks, Washington. It didn't take us long to get there.  I've been here before, on a family vacation once, but I lived in Michigan in the upper peninsula. 

We left at night, that way our skin wouldn't shine. We stood at the top of the building, closely watching the newborn army.  They were creating a lot of destruction. Felix began to get uneasy,"If they create any more chaos, we have to stop them."  "yes...", Jane began,"But we should hold out a little longer. See where they are heading."   After a couple more hours, they left. I wonder where they were heading, but that wasn't the real issue right now.  "well," Demetri said,"I think it's about time we go hunting."  "I'll go to the forest," I replied.  Alec looked at me,"You can't go alone."  "Well why not?", I demanded.  "you're a newborn, you'll get into trouble," He replied still serious.  "Well, I'm not going to hunt humans. I can't do that Alec, you know that..."

Jane was beginning to get annoyed,"How ironic, the NEWBORN is the spineless--"  "Jane...", Alec said not letting her finished her sentense.  That didn't matter to me at all. I was furious!  And I'm a newborn,  I can barely manage my temper.  I was about to attack, but Alec put his arm out in front of me and gave me a dissaproving glance.  "ha...", I began,"You can't hurt me, Jane. Your powers are useless on me."  Jane hated to have her power be shown as inferior. She stepped forward, but Alec put his arm out in front of her as well.  Felix roared,"Keep your mouths shut, you two!"  Jane looked at him and Felix fell.

I used my power before he could scream of agony.  Jane looked at me so angrily, she looked as if she was about to kill me, but soon calmed down.  I pinched the bridge of my nose,  this is getting so stressful.

That's when I noticed the vampire standing behind us...

AUTHOR'S NOTE:  Heyyyyy, so I really hope you guys like it. Tell me if you think I should make my story better. <3333333

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