Author's Note

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We did it!!! My goal was to get to 200 reads by the end of the year, and last time that I checked, there were 426!! That is absolutely amazing!!! Thank you all for the reads and votes. I decided that this book was really fun to write and you guys seem to enjoy it, so I'm going to continue to write!!!! Let me know if you want to read more or not.

Sorry about the slow updates on my other story, I have been busy working on some other stories that I started writing and it's been a messed up week with me worrying over school and all that , so I hope that you enjoyed this book and I hope that you all let me know if you want the sequel. 

I won't give too much away, but I am excited to introduce some new characters. Do you guys support Violet and Ace's relationship? Let me know in the comments and also let me know if you guys want me to write any other genres. I want to try out some other things, but ultimately, I think that romance and teen fiction are my favorite genres. I have written horror and mystery before, but that's a whole other chapter of my writing. Anyway, this is for right now bye guys!! 

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