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The sweet smell of coffee swarmed around Tom. He loved that smell. That's why he frequently went to the café. It was a great place to relax. The blue hooded man walked into the small shop, up to the counter, ready to order. Both the employees behind the counters wore long orange aprons. One a brunette, one a blonde. The brunette worked with the cash register. On the other hand, the blonde employee took notice of Tom waiting. She walked up to him.

"Hello s-" She stopped when she looked him in the eyes. Tom's eyes were completely black. He stared back at her, already knowing that would be her first reaction. "Hello ma'am. I'll take a large espresso along with a blueberry bagel please." He said to the employee, trying to avoid the shocked expression oh her face. Dammit Tom, you should be used to people acting like this by now.

"Oh- of course! C-coming right up, sir." She then realized how rude she was being, and started on his order. While waiting, Tom took a good look around the café. The usual coffee shop paintings were hung up, the floor being a beige and white checkerboard pattern, and the walls were a grey-blue stripe pattern. The people in the café looked quite casual, until one person really caught his attention. The man wore a red hoodie, torn blue jeans, and black sneakers. His hair was a light brown color, which stuck up in a way that almost looked like horns. He looks lost. Tom thought as the guy in the red hoodie stared at his phone with a confused look on his face.

"Excuse me, sir," The lady at the counter interrupted Tom's thoughts. She reached her hand out to him, holding his order. Tom saw this and dug in his wallet, pulling out a 10 dollar bill and handing it to her. Taking his order, he began to walk over to the confused man from his thoughts. As he got closer, he got a good look at his eyes, them being a strange shade of grey.

"Hello there," The man looked up from his phone. He was a few inches shorter than Tom, so he looked up to see him. "Hallo." The man replied with an accent. "Jeg heter Tord. Hva heter du?" (My name is Tord. What's your name?)

Oh shit. Tom realized the man didn't speak English. This is going to be harder than I thought...

"Are you lost?" Tom asked. The foreigner looked at him in confusion. "Snakker du norsk?" (Do you speak Norwegian?)

What the hell is he saying?! "Uh..." Tom stood there, clearly not knowing what to say next. "Si...?" Now the foreigner looked even more confused. "Snakker du spansk?" (Do you speak Spanish?) He asked. "I... Um... Si!" Tom responded with more confidence, slightly recognizing that spansk must've meant Spanish.

The foreigner nodded. "Where are you from?" Tom asked him. He didn't respond for a few moments, but then saying, "Jeg forstår ikke..." (I don't understand.)

Tom thought for a few seconds about what to do in this situation. Maybe he could call Edd, someone who knew a little more Spanish than Tom. No, he might be busy working on that drawing... Tom looked down to see that the shorter man handed him his phone. Tom hesitantly took his phone, then looked at the screen. The screen appeared to be a translation site. There were two boxes within the page opened. One box read, jeg snakker norsk, gjør du? and the other saying, I speak Norwegian, do you? Now he understood. Tom began to type.

Hey everyone! Sorry for any mistranslations, I tried not to use Google Translate, (it's a great site, *insert sarcasm here*,) but I had to on one occasion. For anyone who speaks fluent Norwegian, please comment if anything was misspelled XD. Anyways, I'll try to update whenever I can. Make sure to check out my book of one-shots, I would greatly appreciate it. That's all, so yee. See ya next time!

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