The actuall questions now

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2. Must have an interesting title.  ( Done )

3. Must make up 13 questions. ( Okie dokie. )

4. Must tag 13 people. ( I don't think I know 13 people. )

5. Tag-backs are allowed. ( Muhahahaha )



1. DC or Marvel: Marvel

2. Best way to kill someone: Scare them to death... Obviously.

3. Do you have a crush: Who doesnt?

4. What's your favorite mythical creature: Waldo ( Obviously )

5. Why're you on wattpad: Duh, I like reading.

6. male or female: Really... Is this a serious question? I'm obviously a alien.

7. Cliche or original: Umm... Idk.

8.Do you know what a pound sign is: Nope... Sorry. Don't hurt me.

9. Who's your favorite anti-hero: Deadpool

10: What's the best comeback you can come up with: " Waldo doesn't like you... "

11: Who's the best music guy: Aslong as they don't play, Heavy Metal or Crappy Rap, all of them.

12: If you had the ability to go back in time, where would you go ( besides your fridge ): No where, ever heard of the butterfly affect?

13. If there are three avacodo trees in a line, and souls are green walrus turtles, how many triangles fall off the square factory in a suicide attempt: Ummm. Blue. ( IDK WHAT THIS QUESTION IS )

                                                                    My victims of this questioning are: 







                                                                              insanalarious ( Haha jk that's me )

                                                                               These are literally the only active people I know on wattpad, forgive me please.

                                                                                      Your questions:

1. Dogs or cats?

2. Favorite book? ( Not story on wattpad, but book. )

3. Favorite superhero/anti-hero?

4. How insane are you?

5. How many books have you read on wattpad?

6. Age ( I'm super creative )

7. Favorite fairy tail?

8. Do you do any martial arts/fighting? ( Street fighting doesn't count, it's illegal. )

9. Favorite TV show?

10. Most embarrassing moment in your life.

11. Best moment in your life.

12. The meanest thing you've ever done?

13. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?  

Some mean person tagged me for questions. >.<¡Lee esta historia GRATIS!