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He watched as the packhouse burned, taking away the young boy in it. He had thought of that boy as if he were his own son, but thosw rogues took that away from him. His blue eyes shined with rage, his anger coursed through his veins, making him itch to kill all the rogues.

"For now on, if you catch any rogue...kill them." He growled towards his beta.

"Alpha, what if the rogue is a child?" His beta cautiously asked.

The alpha clenched his jaw, "Then they'll go into foster care. But if it's an adult, I want them dead."

"Yes, Alpha."

He shifted and ran into the forest, making sure his pack made it to their second packhouse safely. His black and white wolf darted through the trees, his claws dug into the soft ground out of anger. His teeth were bared and his fur was bristling, scorching hot anger bubbled in his chest.

Ever since he had turned eighteen, he had hoped of finding his mate. It was his dream to start a family with her, to have a pup of his own. However, he hadn't met her yet, but he did come across a rogue pup. The young boy was terrified, but he had gained his trust. That boy was the only person he had let in, besides his brothers and mother. His father had shaped him into the monster he was today, but he was never too cold towards children. He knew what it was like to struggle as a child, to fit in, to have someone be proud of you.

He stopped and looked down at the valley, standing in a large group, was his pack. He could smell their fear and panic, it broke him a little. Besides his family and his adopted son, he cared deeply for his pack.

He looked up as a light grey and white wolf jumped onto the rock. His silver colored eyes scanned the pack below.

"How many rogues attacked?" The wolf mind-linkes him.

The alpha swallowed, "At least thirty."

"It's getting worse."

"We need to end them."

The wolf beside him nodded, "I'll figure something out."

With that said, the grey and white wolf jumped down. The alpha watched as his younger brother ran back to his territory, letting out an angry howl. Even though his brother wasn't the alpha of his pack, he had still grown up with these people. After all, their packs are sections of their home pack.

He let out a howl, giving a voice to his pain, sorrow, and anger. His pack soon followed, their howls all promised revenge.

He made a silent promise to himself that he would destroy every rogue he came across. No matter what.


He turned around, the woman sighed as she knelt down and stroked his fur.

"Your father wants to know what had happened." She told him.

Xavier nodded, he ran behind a tree and shifted. Once he had shorts on, he stepped out and walked towards his mother.

"So, he's actually speaking to me?" He mused.

His mother sighed, "I know your father hasn't been...the greatest, but he does love you."

"He doesn't even remember my birthday." He scoffed. "That man will never love any of us."

His mother gave him a sad look, "Don't say that."

"Why? Huh? Because of him, Damon tried killing himself, mom! He's in a coma because Maddox couldn't be an actual father and love him!"

Tears shined in Xavier's eyes as he tore his gaze away from his mother. His mother gently grabbed her son's jaw and made him look at her.

"I know you care deeply for your brother, but he has always been like this. Your father has tried getting through to him." She said, her voice pleading.

Xavier's stare hardened, "You can never tell the truth, can you? You're keeping yourself ignorant towards Maddox's actions. He caused Damon's fall, Harper."

His mother clenched her jaw, "Do not disrespect me!"

"THEN STOP LYING TO ME!" Xavier yelled.

Harper snapped her mouth shut as the agony shined in her eldest son's eyes.

"Leave." Xavier ordered.


"I SAID LEAVE!" He snarled.

Harper released a breath and turned to leave when he spoke, "And don't come back. I don't want anything to do with you or Maddox."

"I won't yell at you this time, I know you're hurting. We're always here for you, Xavier. Just, please don't end up like Dimitri."

Tears rolled down her cheeks as she shifted and ran to her home.

Xavier sighed and sat on the ground, he felt horrible for hurting his mom like that, but he couldn't help it. She always protected the wrong person.

He slowly looked up, "No one is ever there for me." He thought bitterly.

A/N: So...are you guys shocked to see Xavier's dark side? :)

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