A crush and sickness

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(Inspired by JinandSwim book fins and feet so some things may be similar through out the book or not its whatever I feel like writing)
Red's pov
Oh god he's catching up! I was running for my life, I stole Barney's phone while he was catching Pokemon, I look behind me and I see him getting closer. My legs start to give out, please don't give up legs, not now! I was pushed to the ground, I look up to see Barney on top of me"Give me my phone!" He said" fine" I handed him his phone. He was still on top of me, I stared into his eyes, I never noticed how dark they were. "So uhh I should probably get off" he said then climbed off of me. I could feel myself heating up and blush at him,I never really noticed how hot he is. Red stop! Don't crush on Barney, actually now that I think about I have always had a crush on him I just never really noticed it. "So uhhh red do you want to go get some lunch after this?" He asked, I nodded yes, as we walked back to the car I noticed my legs were numb. They been going numb a lot lately, after what seems like forever finally get to the car"Let's get some sushi, I'm craving sea food" I said then Barney and I drove over to some sushi place. I probably ate more sushi than I should but I just kept going back for more and I didn't feel sick, after my fifth plate Barney finally stopped me"yo red your going to get sick of you eat anymore and we're going to be late if we stay any longer." He said, I put down my plate and paid for lunch then we drove over to the office"red are you ok you drank two whole water bottles" he said"yeah I'm fine and your suppose to have like five a day" he just stared at me"yeah through out the day not in one car ride that is only like 10 minutes long!" He shouted, suddenly I got really light head"hey Barney I don't feel to good" I said then I passed out, when I woke up I was on my bed and Nick was in my doorway " hey red how you feeling?" He asked, I slowly got up"uh fine I guess" I said which was a total lie because I wasn't, my legs were numb, I'm really thirsty and hungry for fish, and I was light headed."ok so red tell me are you having any trouble breathing in air?" He asked, I shook my head no but seconds later I started coughing and having trouble breathing, Nick came in and gave me a glass of water and for some reason it tasted better than tap water"where did you get this?""from the lake behind our apartment" he said, I wanted to spit it out but I kept drinking. Nick had a grin on his face like he knew what was going on with me, well he did know to get the lake water when I couldn't breathe so he has to know something.

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