Leico ( Leo x Nico) :Chapter 1

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"Leo?" Nico said softly, as he put his hand on his friend's shoulder. Leo felt cold, and his body was shaking with sobs. This wasn't normal for a Hapheastus kid because Leo was usually warm.

Nico slipped his aviator jacket off and draped it around Leo's shoulders, but as soon as he took it off, he felt goosebumps erupt on his arms. The cold night air wasnt doing much good as Nico, being the ghost king, he was always cold and his skin pale. Everyone on the Argo 2 were asleep, Nico couldn't sleep so he decided to come up to the docks, only to find Leo shaking, his head in his arms and tears streaming down.

"Thanks" Leo finally muttered, his voice croaky.

Nico didn't need to ask why Leo was crying. He already knew; Percy and Annabeth falling into tartarus, the death of his mother, Esparenza Valdez, he was blaming himself. He blamed himself not a lot of things, which sounded alot like Nico.

"Leo, stop crying" Nico said, "And stop blaming yourself for everything"

Leo wiped his eyes on his sleeve and looked up at Nico. He didn't say anything and Nico knew why, because they were just empty words. Words were powerful but they couldn't heal the past and they couldn't change what happened. But the best Nico could do was just tell Leo that is wasn't his fault, and that he snould just stop blaming himself, it never worked.

Ever since Nico had come aboard the Argo 2, Leo felt a connection and they had alot of things in common; like being an outsider and alone, blaming themselves for everyone's deaths. They'd become good friends since. But there was something else too, Leo just couldn't get Nico off his mind. He didn't know why.

"Do you miss Bianca?" Leo suddenly blurted and instantly cursed himself for asking such a stupid touchy question. Just as well, because Nico began coughing. 

"Sorry!" Leo apoligised immedietly, 'good going valdez!' he cursed himself. "I just-"

"it's okay" Nico coughed, shivering.

Leo noticed this, he hesitated then put his arms around Nico., pulling him into a hug.

"Uh..Valdez, I don't like being hugged-" but Leo was so warm , it felt good to be warm again. "Forget it, Gods, your warm"

Leo chuckled, "I get that alot"

Leo finally let go.

"Come on kiddo, let's get you to bed" 

"Don't call me kiddo" Nico grumbled, but he there was no harsh tone in his voice as the two made their way back down to the bedrooms.

Nico slept in Percy's room, but he was afraid to go to sleep. He was afraid he would have a nightmare about Tartarus again and didn't want to be alone. He wanted someone beside him, maybe he should get Hazel, but no, that didn't seem right to interrupt his sister's sleeping just because he was having bad dreams.

"Uh..Nico? You don't look good..I mean, worse than usual" Leo said, frowning at Nico.

"I don't  want to sleep alone.." Nico's voice trailed off as his words got stuck in his throat.

"Nightmares?" Leo asked softly. "No worries, you can bunk with me for a while"

Nico thought for a moment, then nodded.

The two made their way down to Leo's room. It wasn't small, considering he was the admiral of the ship and so he needed more space than everybody else.

Leo kicked off his shoes and jumped onto his bed.

"Hop on" he grinned, making space for Nico.

Nico hesitated, then sat down.

"Lie down buddy, you need some sleep" Leo said doing so.

Nico raised an eyebrow, deciding if this was right. But instead he got up and walked around the room. He could feel Leo's eyes burning into him.

Nico stopped at his desk and looked through all the mechanical things Leo was inventing. That's until he noticed a scrunched up piece of note paper. And he also spotted his name on it.

"Uh..Nico? What are you-?" Leo realized that Nico had spotted that note and instantly jumped off the bed and practically ran to distract Nico.

But too late, Nico had already picked it up and began unfolding it.

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