Chapter Twenty Five

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What's everyone's favorite food?

Without further ado, chapter twenty five.

West's POV ;)

I've had my suspicions of Warren since the first day of school. I didn't like him the second he opened his mouth, and the closer I've gotten to Raine, the more I've grown to hate Warren.

My dislike has been backed by the way the guys react to him, and especially by the way Raine reacts to him. He makes her nervous, worried, scared; and I'm not okay with that.

The stunt he pulled tonight made her shake with fear, and it made me shake with anger. I was prepared to give him a beating some received in juvie, beatings that lead to jail transfers and hospital visits, but Toby seemed keen on doing it instead, leaving me to comfort Raine.

I was worried I wasn't going to be able to control my anger, I was worried I would scare her further. But the moment my eyes landed on her quivering figure, everything in me softened and I just wanted to stop her crying.

Holding her sobbing figure hit me harder than I had anticipated; the more she shook the more my heart broke. There's nothing worse than holding the girl you've come to care about while she cries and not being able to do anything about it.

I glance through the rear view mirror of my Jeep as another small sob passes through her, and my hands clench the steering wheel tighter. Now that she's out of my arms, my anger has returned and all I seem to want to do is pound Warren into the ground.

Gray glances over at me from the passenger seat but doesn't say anything. No one does. The ride is completely silent aside from Raine's occasional sob.

We pull up to their house, the clock showing 1:00 AM. I turn the car off and get out, ready to carry Raine to her room; but before I can even get to her side, Toby steps from the car with her cradled in his arms. He doesn't waste a second and walks up the driveway and porch, carrying her inside without a word said. I stay by my car, my jaw clenched tight as I replay the scene that lead to this.

I had just gotten back to our spot by the staircase with both of our waters, but she wasn't there. I figured she probably found Toby so I went to go find him, only to have him ask where she was. He panicked more than I had, and next thing I knew the two of us were storming the upstairs. He wouldn't answer any of my questions as he barged into every room, walking in on many couples.

He was still frantic after every room was checked, and I finally managed an answer from him.

I can't let it happen to her again.

Then we heard a crash downstairs and we bolted down the steps before I could comprehend his words. We ran into a vacant room, and the scene that stood before me made every cell in my body fill with rage.

There stood Warren, pinning Raine painfully against the wall, his pants unzipped and his hand far up her dress. Her eyes were clenched tightly together, tears falling down her cheeks and her body shaking. I reacted quicker than Toby and threw Warren off of her with strength I didn't know I held.

With everything that happened, I had no time to think. Now, however, Toby's words flow through my mind as I try to decipher their code.

"West, calm down man. She's okay." Gray says, causing my intense gaze to shift from the door to him.

Instead of nodding or letting this whole debacle go, I speak my mind.

"This isn't the first time this has happened to her, is it?" I ask curtly.

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