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(Original Content. Medieval AU. Follow up to #17)

About six years have passed since Marinette and Prince Adrien have seen each other. Adrien keeps himself busy with fencing, studying, and his princely duties. Marinette keeps herself busy with helping run a bakery and being a mom to her son Hugo. Marinette and Adrien are still madly in love with each other, and even though she tried to leave she just ended up moving into the village outside of Adrien's castle.

"Marinette!" Alya shouts from the back. Marinette heads back there to see Alya struggling with the bread dough. Marinette help back her giggles. "Don't laugh. Help me!" Marinette helps Alya get cleaned up and then makes the bread.

"Here." Marinette laughs. Alya smiles at the girl. Over these six years the two girls have become very close. Alya helped Marinette out with Hugo when Marinette first arrived at the castle village. Marinette did the same for Alya had her own daughter, Skylar. They formed a bond and have been close ever since.

"Oh hey! I heard Nathaniel is planning to propose to you again!" Alya says happily.

"Ugh. Not again. I wish he'd give up on me." Marinette sighs.

"What? Why! Just give him a chance."

"No. My heart will always belong to Hugo's father." Marinette says in defense.

"Don't you think it's time to move on? It's been almost six years. Hugo deserves a father." Alya says calmly.

"I know he does but, I can't bring myself to fall in love with anyone else. Hugo's father saved me from a lot of trouble. He treated me differently than the way others had. He was the first man to ever win my heart, and he won it at first sight. I loved him. I still do." Marinette says with tears brimming in her eyes. Alya hugs her best friend.

"There's a beautiful maiden crying. What's wrong?" Nino asked walking to the back of the bakery.

"Don't forget who you're married to!" Alya glares. Nino laughs.

"I could never forget the true essence of beauty looks like." Nino says kissing Alya's head.

"Have you been reading more poetry?" Marinette giggles.

"Indeed I have. The cute little poetry is the only thing Skylar falls asleep to. Where's Hugo?" Nino asked. Marinette points to a little five year old boy, who says he's six and a half. The little boy has golden blonde hair and bright blue eyes.

"Juleka is watching over him right now." Marinette smiles.

"Well, she might want him to leave because Nathaniel is about to come pop the question." Nino smiles. Marinette feels as though Nino is the only one in town that doesn't want her to date Nathaniel.

"Marinette!" The red haired boy shouts walking into the bakery. The entire bakery is silent. "I love you, Marinette. Will you marry me?"

"Nathaniel. I'm sorry but I can't marry you. I'm not interested in dating or marrying anyone. I want my focus to be on Hugo and my bakery." Marinette says calmly.

Nathaniel says nothing but stands up and walks closer to Marinette. He was trying to kiss her, but two things stopped him. Hugo screaming and Rose busting through the door. Marinette rushed over to Hugo.

"Prince Adrien is going to be choosing a wife soon. Two princesses are participating and every available woman in our village!" Rose exclaims. Half of the girls in the bakery rush out to their homes to make sure they look presentable. Juleka doesn't care. Marinette smiled at Hugo who calmed down when Marinette picked him up.

"Too bad, huh. I can't marry a prince." Marinette jokes.

"You can!" Rose yells.

"No. I have Hugo."

"That doesn't matter. I've already put mine and your name on the list."

"What?! Why!?"

"Because, you need a tall, sweet, brave, fierce, and young man to protect you."

"Might as well go along with it is for fun." Alya and Juleka said together. Marinette looks at Hugo, who's now smiling brightly. He knows that his father's name was Adrien and Marinette always told little fairy tales about Adrien, being some kind of make believe prince. In a way he sort of was.

"Mama. You should go!" Hugo laughs. Marinette smiles at her little boy. He wanted her to be happy just like all her friends did.

"Alright. Why not." Marinette sighs. Rose, Juleka, Alya, and Nino cheer. The rest of the villagers just smile at her, all except for Nathaniel.

"You just said that you wanted to focus on Hugo and the bakery!" Nathaniel exclaims.

Before Marinette could say anything Hugo butts in, "you leave my Mama alone. She has tell you that she don't like you."

Nathaniel looks mad. "Listen here kid, I don't--"

Nathaniel stops talking when he notices the look Marinette is giving him. "Don't ever come near my son. If you lay one finger on him, I swear that it'll be the LAST thing you EVER do." Marinette warns. Nathaniel is frightened.

"Yay! Come on, you need to come pack! The carriages will be here tomorrow." Rose shouts running outside. Marinette laughs and walks to her own home with Hugo to go pack.

~Next Morning~

"Alright. I'm all packed." Marinette smiles at Alya.

"I'm so glad you're doing this. You and Hugo both deserve happiness. I'll watch him while you're gone." Alya smiles back.

"I don't plan to win. I'm not meant to be a princess. I'll be back as soon as possible."

"You never know. One look at you in a fancy dress and Prince Adrien might be head over heels." Alya laughs. Marinette gives a nervous laugh back but Alya doesn't seem to notice.

"The carriages are here." Nino shouts outside. Marinette hugs Alya, then Hugo, then Skylar, and then Nino. She runs towards Rose and the enter a red interior carriage.

"I'm so excited to meet Royalty. Once I meet them then I can go home happy." Rose cheers.

"Wait! So you don't want to marry the Prince?" Marinette asked.

"Oh no. I'm not made out for royalty, and I have my eye on someone already."

"Really? Who? Is it Juleka!" Marinette says gleefully.

"Shh! Yes it is but don't say anything. I'm working at my own pace." Rose blushes. Marinette promises that Rose's secret is kept safe.

Once the carriages arrive at the palace, all the fair maidens exited them and went to their temporary rooms. Prince Adrien stood on the balcony looking at all the girls. He could easily spot Princess Chloe. In a bright yellow dress. Princess Lila, as well, in a bright orange dress.

"Hello Adrikins!" Chloe shouts. Adrien rolls his eyes. He continues to look over everyone until he spots one girl.

'No, that can't be her. She never wanted to be a princess! Be it looks so much like her!' Adrien thought looking at the girl. She looks up at the balcony and smiles. "It's her! She's here!"

To be continued in Chapter 19

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