Chapter 1

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A/N look at Rin being an adorable bean >~<
Rin's pov
I groaned as I awoke from my much needed beauty sleep. Yukio was hovering above me looking torn between concern, excitement and amusement. I squinted at him, he seemed unaware that I was awake.
"What you looking at four eyes?" I hissed grumpily.
"Oh nothing~" he smirked. Damn four eyes doesn't tell me anything. I sat up quickly, trying to stifle a laugh as my tail almost hit Yukio in the face. Serves him right ;p.
"Buzz off so I can change." I said, swatting my tail at him, annoyed.
"Okay, okay. I guess you being marked isn't important." He put his hands up in surrender and started walking backwards to the door with a smirk on his face. I was....what?!
"What?!" I jumped out of bed just as Yukio ran out of the room.
"Ugh dumb four eyes." I mumbled, walking into the bathroom. There's no point chasing him....I'll see him in class *insert evil laugh here please*.
Third person pov
Rin walked past the mirror quickly, glancing at his reflection quickly...only to run back with wide eyes. He stared at himself as his trembling hand slowly reached up to his neck. His other hand quickly reached up to stifle a scream. With wide eyes he studied the bite, terrified and confused.
"Wh-who....wha-what..." He mumbled, scared beyond his wits. He then remembered Yukio. His eyes turned dangerous and his fist raised, slamming into the mirror. He quickly threw on his uniform, running down the hall, hand bleeding slightly, bite on show.
"Yukio!" He yelled, using demon abilities to run faster. He slammed the classroom door open, scaring the living day lights out of his classmates; who had assumed he was skipping again.
"Yukio!" He yelled, glaring at his younger sibling.
"Yes?" Yukio replied calmly with a knowing smirk
"Wh-what is this?" Rin whimpered, confidence and anger fading. Yukio's smirk faltered. His brother was...scared.
"U-uh, excuse us class." Yukio stuttered worriedly, walking toward his broken sibling and escorting him out of the room.

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