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dad: hey luke, can i come over?

luke 😀✌️: i can ask my mum

luke 😀✌️: brb

dad: ok

luke 😀✌️: back

dad: welcome back

luke 😀✌️: thanks, but yeah she said okay

luke 😀✌️: is there something wrong?

dad: no, i just want to hang out with my favourite bud

luke 😀✌️: oh okay then

luke gave michael his address so michael snuck out of his room, not wanting to encounter his drunk mother.

he grabbed his keys before he jumped out of his window, landing on a trashcan. he ran to his car and pulled out a GPS on his phone, driving to luke's house.


dad: i'm here

luke opened his door, signaling that michael could enter. he smiled at luke, giving his mum a wave.

"so this is the famous michael clifford?" luke's mum says. luke nods, blushing.

"okay we're going to go to my room," luke mumbles, grabbing michael's wrist and dragging him up the stairs. "sorry 'bout my mum by the way," the blond says.

"no worries, she's pretty cool," michael replies.

"yeah," luke chuckled.

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