Chapter 23

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Your P.O.V

I woke up early, went to the bathroom to get ready and done my hair and brushed my teeth. I walked out the bathroom and noticed that Sam was just up with ruffled hair and sleep in his eyes. I laughed. "How the hell are you up so early? And how do you look good doing it?", he asked. "It's routine habit", I laughed. I shook Sherlock awake. He didnt get up. I leaned over him to put the light on and he grabbed me and pulled me back into bed, he started cuddling me. "Sher", i laughed. "We have to get up". "Sherlock Holmes... let me go", i smiled. "WILLIAM SHERLOCK SCOTT HOLMES", I yelled. He still didnt wake up. Mikey and John did and they came over to our bed straight away and they started laughing. Mr Holmes and Mrs Holmes came in with a baseball bat. Sam came running through the door shirtless and his toothbrush in his mouth. "He wont get off of me", I sighed. Everyone laughed apart from Sam. "I wriggled free and fell out the bed. Everyone rushed to help me up as our bed was quite high up. It had 5 small stairs and everything. I landed bad on my ankle and twisted it. I yelled out in pain. Sherlock got up with a jolt as John and Sam lifted me up to the chair. "Oh god! JESUS WHAT HAPPENED!", Sherlock yelled looking panicked. John examined my ankle. "She was trying to get out of the bed, she finally got out your grip and she decked it off the bed", Sam said. "Her ankles fine. She might just have to sit with an icepack for a few minutes.", John said looking relieved. "Look I'm fine, go pack the van guys", i laughed and then winced. Everyone went to go pack the van. Sher walked away looking disappointed with himself. I hobbled to the van once it was packed. I took Sherlock's arm. "Come upstairs with me?", i asked. "In a minute dear, I'll be up", he said. I walked upstairs, took of my cardigan and heels and went under the bed cover sheets. I heard a knock and yelled for them to come in. Sher came through the door. I patted the space beside me. He came in and faced the other way. I moved so I was on top of him. "Sher it was an accident, it was my fault, i slipped so dont worry.", I explained. "Sorry, dear i just thought i hurt you.", he said. I pushed the covers down to the bottom of the bed. "You could never do that", i said truthfully. I kissed him passionately and he kissed back, his fingers curled my locks and i ran my hand through his hair. Two throats were cleared behind us. I looked around quickly. Sam and Mikey. "I-uhm-i-u-i'm so sorry, we didnt mean to intrude." , Sam said disappointed. "It's nothing, dont worry", Sher and I laughed. I buried my face in the crook of Sher's neck. My face was flushed pure red. I told them I was going downstairs to watch a movie. "Dont cry this time dear!", Sher yelled behind me. I scoffed.

John's P.O.V

J: It was a sad movie for the 100th time!

S: I didnt find it sad.

Sam: Have I missed something?

S: Yeah my best friend and my girlfriend were sobbing their hearts out to some movie.

Sam: Let me guess? The Fault In Our Stars?

S: How did you know?

Sam: Y/N always cries at some sad movie, just a guess.

Sherlock's phone went. His expression hardened and he drew me a look. It was Moriarty. Sherlock had told me to not tell
Y/N about Jim because he didnt want her to get invloved. Or get hurt. We all went downstairs shortly after Y/N and we saw her watching Captain America:The First Avenger. She jumped up. "See my ankle is fine now!", she shouted. Everyone laughed.

---------------Time Skip------------

Your P.O.V

We watched the second movie as well and by the time it finished, we were home. Sher, John , Sam and I hailed a cab and went home. I grabbed some of the stuff and trudged up to 221B. I knocked on the door and Mrs. Hudson opened it. I got engulfed in a massive hug. "Oh honey, it's lovely to see you again!", She yelled. "You too, Mrs Hudson", I said as she helped me in with the stuff. She told me to sit down and she would make me a cup of tea. Sher, John, and Sam came in afterwards when Mrs Hudson was giving me a cup. "Ah perfect, Mrs Hudson, I'll have one too", Sher said. "Nope, I'm your landlady not your housekeeper", she smiled. "But she got one!", Sher wailed. "She didnt ask", Mrs Hudson replied. Sher scoffed "Oh and this house definitely does not have favouritism(!)", He said sarcastically. "I have to go downstairs and unpack anyway. It's getting late", I said. We all said goodbye and I went down to 221C.
I got organised, put on some pjs and went to sleep.

I drifted off into a dangerous sleep

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I drifted off into a dangerous sleep. With the usual nightmares that took residence in the back of my mind and came out to play and dominate my mind when sleep took over me.

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