Garen I

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Gindew had gone. All that was left was Garen. His Dragon Watchers were already inside the Castle trying find Aryn and the fake king, however he expected to leave without. All that was left was Gindew's blooded body lying before the castle doors.

The rags he wore were now stained with blood, his wound still poured with blood. What he did not expect was to see such a vacant look on Gindew's face. he'd completely left him, left him alone in the dark. He immediately asked himself 'What do i do...'

Garen ran his hands through his gold hair trying to hide his face with his arms.

'Lord Commander Garen, We must leave before its too late' One of the higher Dragon Watchers approached him 'We also have been unable to capture Lord Aryn or the King, They had locked themselves in the Dragon Hold when we caught up'. The Watcher stood taller than Garen, almost a monstrous height.

Before he could speak again a loud screeching roar came from the distance, then a large swift beast passed over them 'By the Gods!' pointed out a Watcher, It bounded past the balcony beating its wings, gaining ground 'I've never seen a Dragon that size in all my years!'.

They all watched as it grew ever distant from them, heading towards the mountains.

Garen retrieved his sword and looked over the wall of the courtyard 'Raen, go find Balarad and meet us at Oakhill' within a moment the huge Watcher strode off into the castle.

Soon after, Garen and the remaining Watchers entered the Castle. He knew this Castle better than anyone, but since his days as a Castle Guard the place seemed unnaturally familiar. He did not feel any warmth or homely feel. All he felt was a menace, waiting to strike.

They worked their way down to the Dungeons and finally down to a tiny harbour outside the Castle Walls. It was a tiny settlement sat in a nook.

Ellyn, his second officer met him outside the Harbour Office.

'Who have we got?' Garen asked Ellyn removed her helm 'the 400 Imperial Men and the majority of the Lords and Masters of Castle were completely surprised by the attack, We managed to capture some of the Lords and some Castle Masters' He nodded in reply 'Which Lords?' He found himself uneasy waiting for an answer, He had served these lords and ladies once, but like most things nowadays, that had now changed.

'Lord Bucklegrey, Lord Gery and Lady Harriet, but also the Master of Books and Master of Coin. We have Lord Gery and the Lady, but the Western Group have the rest, by most means i'd count this assault a success.' He began to walk away.

'Also my Lord' Ellyn called after him 'The Master of Books was carrying this, he refused to part with it when we caught him' She handed over a book 'Nat broke 3 of the Master's fingers to pry it from him'.

Garen gave a drained sigh 'Break Nat's hand just not his sword hand, we need him' he said.

He examined the book, it looked aged but the bindings and covers were as solid. He examined it closely and gave it a queer look 'I remember this from somewhere, From my time at the Castle. I wish to speak to this Master of Books'

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