Chapter 7

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Ally's POV
We all waited for Jesse to show up. When it became dark we all started to get nervous.

Tonight we were supposed to set up everything for Lauren's birthday in a few days. But I guess we all have to wait.

I looked around, Brad and Kendall were cuddling up on the couch watching the front door. Ariana was with Austin and Chris anxiously waiting for Jesse to come in the front door. Dinah was with Harry and Louis. They didn't know Jesse like the vampires did, but we are all family and we all feel something when stuff like this happens.

Normani was with me on the couch staring at the door. Camila and Lauren were together talking, but we all were forced towards the door.

"We need to find him." Chris finally spoke out. "Yeah, I agree with Chris." Ariana said as they both stood up.

"I wanna find my friend, so I'm with him too." Austin said standing up.

I looked at Lauren, she was basically the leader around here. "Let's go, Camila stay here." Lauren told Camila. "No I wanna go with you guys. I don't want to be alone." Camila said standing up.

I turned my head seeing Brad stare at Lauren shocked.

"Well we're in." Harry said with Louis and Dinah. I sat back with Normani and watched as Lauren nodded. "Okay we all go I guess." Lauren ordered looking at Camila.

Everyone got up except Normani and I. "What do you think you're doing?" Brad asked.

Normani and I sat back and watch what was about to be a showdown.

Lauren's POV
I turned to Brad and chuckled. "We're going to find Jesse." I told him. He still was sitting with Kendall in the couch.

"No you're not." He said with a serious face. "And why not?" I asked. "Because I'm the leader here. And I say we're not going." Brad told me and everyone who was standing up.

"Well thanks for your input "leader" but I call the shots and I say we're going." I told him getting serious.

I could tell Ally and Normani was getting worried with everyone in the room.

Brad chuckled getting up. "I know you want to find your friend but we can't be exposed right now, and he's probably dead." Brad said walking up to me. Everyone backed up and sat on the couch as Brad and I looked at each other.

"He's family, yeah you're right we can't be exposed right now, but that's not going to stop us from finding him." I told him as he looked away at Kendall and Camila for a second.

He turned back to me, "You might think you're the leader but your not. I am." Brad said getting closer to me.

But I wasn't backing up, and Normani and Ally got involved pulling both of us away. "Stop it." Ally told us. "Brad, you stopped being the leader a long time ago so you can't get mad at Lauren when she's just doing what you should've done." Ally told him.

Brad growled turning away but I saw him turn back and pushed Ally to the ground really harsh. I ran to him and didn't fully turn but my fangs were out and my eyes changed color.

I knew Camila couldn't see me so I didn't care. "Don't touch her." I growled at Brad who didn't fully turn too because a human was in the room but his eyes changed color.

We stared at each other for a while, we were so close to each other and it was dangerous. Suddenly Kendall came and pulled her boyfriend away.

We both calm down going back to normal. "Apologize." Kendall told Brad. He rolled his eyes and went to Ally. He held his hand out as Ally grabbed it.

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