Chapter 6

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Sup peeps Its been awhile, first I just like to say thanks for all the support on this book it means a lot :D
And second as a thank you here's a long,gory chapter
Btw may have mistakes
Still readers POV:

The next morning I did my normal routine, grabbing my backpack I picked up the machete and putting it inside better safe than sorry I thought as a picture of the mans evil grin flashed in front of my eyes shivering I zipped up my bag. Going downstairs and going into the kitchen for a quick breakfast I got a half of a bagel and ate it with cream cheese/jam, finishing the bagel I went out the door just as I was about to jog to school I felt a strong feeling of being watched when I looked around light static filled my ears. Shaking my head I thought it would go away but it only grew louder I even started to get dizzy I leaned on the railing that was next to my house I held my hands to my ears it's your time my child it was so loud "Stop it!" I yelled after a couple of seconds it all stopped, panting I slowly let go of my ears "what the hell was that" I mumbled "and what did it mean it was my time? Am I just going crazy?" I sighed and rubbed my eyes pulling out my phone I looked at the time now I'm going to be late, what a start to a wonderful day I thought sarcastically I started walking to school looking behind me every so often.

                          ~Time skip~

When I got to school I was 15 minutes late I got a late pass and got yelled at, walking to my class I knocked and after awhile it opened with a mad teacher on the other side "this better not happen again miss. L/n or you get 10x the homework" he grumbled, nodding I took my seat I heard giggles and whispers from the back of the classroom I felt my anger growing. After what felt like forever the bell rang signaling lunch, collecting my stuff I then felt something get pressed to my forehead and staying there gum?. Looking up I saw the face of Mandy's laughing face it would be so easy to stab her in her throat I heard a voice whisper, my eyes widened "who the hell said that" I whisper to myself looking around "I'm over here don't ignore me" she screeched about to grab my hair but I suddenly grabbed her wrist before she could "don't you ever lay a hand on me or I'm gonna hurt that "pretty" little face of yours" I heard myself say looking into her blue eyes. Then like that I grabbed my stuff and walked out of the classroom leaving a group of shocked bullies and an oblivious teacher behind, what just happened I didn't even control what I was doing and saying! What the actual fuck is going on!? I thought now controlling what I'm doing. I walked to the cafeteria but froze in my steps when I heard light static, looking all around me I saw nothing out of the ordinary I only saw the kids walking around ignoring my existence. I was about to turn back around but 2 figures caught my attention, they were leaning on a tree with a shadow looming over them looking at me and nothing else.

I couldn't see there faces but I see their clothing the taller one was wearing a yellow hoodie with jeans and the slightly shorter one was wearing a tan jacket with jeans. I could feel their gazes boring into my soul, not one of us were moving just staring at each other. "Y/n!" Catching my attention I glanced at my only friend "where have you been I was looking everywhere for you" he said flailing his arms dramatically "I was on my way" I said bluntly "let's just go get lunch" he sighed turning and walking into the cafeteria's direction. I quickly turned back to see them gone, groaning quietly I turned and followed my friend.

~ Tem skip~

All day I got the stupid being watched feeling it got really annoying quick, I tried my best to ignore  it which worked but of course it got ruined by glaring eyes in the back of my head. I slightly turned and made eye contact with the glaring eyes Mandy there she is in the back with her hand in a fist and her blue eyes glaring into my e/c eyes. I glared back and turned back to the boring substitute teacher, after awhile all their words started to blur together as I zoned out. Snapping out of it as I heard the bell ring, I quickly packed up and was out of there.

     Knowing I had to wait for Jason I stopped by his locker so we can walk home together, after awhile I set my backpack down not wanting to carry the heavy thing right now. As I set it down and stood up I got pinned to a locker "how dare you ever threaten me! I should just kill you right now for that" Mandy growled, and guess what she brought back up all the group of bullies and their puppy dog boyfriends. Punch my head hit the locker as Mandy punched me, almost getting out of her grip but the boyfriends pinned me back. Punch another one of my bullies punched me in the stomach punch another on my cheek, trying to fight back but I couldn't 3 boys were restraining me kick right in my shin. I dropped to the ground as the pain spread, tears flowed down my cheeks the blood from my mouth/lip mixed in with it.

     Laughing was all they were doing right now
Laughing at my pain
Laughing at my misery
Laughing at my tears
Laughing at how broken they made me
I felt something in me snap
I stopped crying tears of misery and instead smiled widely, "heh...heh..heh.ha..haha...hahahaha.. HAHAHAHAHA" I bursted out laughing. They all stopped and looking at me in confusion "you all are so stupid" I giggled my laughter now dying down I couldn't really control myself anymore, my hand went inside my backpack and pulled out my machete they all stared wide eyed. THUMP THUMP THUMP I could hear my loud heartbeat pounding, standing up and numb to any pain I have I charged at one of the boyfriends and before he could react I swung at his leg until the machete hit his bone he dropped down and was about to scream but I stabbed him in his mouth all the way down in to his throat. I yanked out the machete making some blood droplets hit my face, him gurgling of his own blood was all that could be heard, smiling crazily I turned to the rest of the bullies they were all frozen in horror "oh what's wrong? scared? You should be~" I laughed charging at the remaining boyfriends I stabbed one in their throat the next in his heart and the last in his head hearing a loud sickening crunch as the machete went threw his scull I did that all in about 10 seconds. I was surprisingly proud of myself on how fast I did it,"OH MY GOD" the girls screamed as they ran as fast as they could in heels I grinned more as I ran after them. With surprising speed I caught up with them within seconds,one of the girls heel broke and she face planted "HELP ME PLEASE" the girl screamed lifting her head to see her "friends" kept running. She looked at me her nose oozing out blood, I stood over her a wide grin plastered on my face.

     Before she had a chance to speak I stuck the machete through her heart, then I chased after the next girl. When I caught up I grabbed her from behind and stabbed in the side of her throat, as soon as I let go her dead body dropped. Last one Mandy I looked around for her, she was running toward a classroom. I sprinted toward her and she was about to make it but I tackled her, " Please let me go I'm sorry I bullied you all those years I promise I'll leave you alone and not tell anyone about this!" She sobbed. "I'm sorry Mandy but I think I much rather have you dead~" I smirked as I saw her eyes widened, I brought the machete down and stabbed and repeated this action about 20 more times before I slowly stopped and panted. I laughed as I slowly got up then I heard the classroom door open.

     There walked out Jason who froze as soon as he saw the bodies his horror struck eyes met my crazed dull e/c eyes, I tilted my head some of my bloody h/c hair falling in my face "where have you been my dear Jason~" I said staring into his dark brown eyes. I saw the same 2 figures of all those times come behind Jason I snapped out of insane mode for a moment "Jason look out!" I yelled as I saw one of them about to swing a pipe at his head, but he was to late, he got knocked out. I growled as I was about to charge at them with my machete up and ready but something grabbed my shoulder, looking up I saw the same blank face I saw when my dad left. Static engulfed my hearing as my world faded black.

Well hope you guys enjoyed I was really tired writing this so mistakes could of happened
   I cringed writing this  xD Toby should be coming up in the next chapter :3

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