Chapter 34 | License to Kill

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Hello my little tortillas!! Heres a 6k chapter for your enjoyment:3

Im so incredibly sorry for pulling a Columbus and falling off the edge of the earth, literally things have been hectic (I started my first job yesterday! I'm a barista :3) And with moving recently my life is just Starting to settle down. However that's no excuse for leaving you guys hanging! I've missed all my friends and Oncer family so much -  my heart hurts. ♥ I really hope you enjoy this chapter, and it's not a let down! Its kinda sketchy at first, but definitely gets better *seductive brow raise* (also if u reference back to chapter 32 you can see a pic of the barn that will be touched on in this chapter as well ;) )

Also HUGE Shoutout to my good friend TheCaptainSwanOncers for helping me with this chapter 😘😘 You rock hotsause! ♥♥

*Present time* Picking up from chapter 32 "Crisis Conqueror"

She's going to take him down.

Take them all down.

Killian hasn't slept so well in years. A calming serenity washed over him as he held Emma tightly, his nose pressed into her rose scented hair throughout the late hours of the fateful night.

Killian had just closed his eyes, felt his body slowly drift away from awareness like a ship leaving port when suddenly... - Killian's awake again, startled by a noise that ceased as quickly as it came, but that's the least of his worries at the moment...
He's frozen to the bed.

Confused, his blue eyes flashed around the room as what's normally his steady, well trained pulse spikes. The surrounding darkness seems darker somehow, oppressive even, swallowing him. Is Emma still next to me? Bloody hell was that movement over by the door? Gods I must be dreaming - perhaps this is just some part of my imagination? Killian moves to rub is tired eyes, but he still has no control over his body.

Then he hears it.

Echoing through the room.

Bloody hell.

He had somehow forgotten it. That's the weird thing about dreams, or nightmares rather. If this even is one? When you don't remember them right away, but something triggers familiarity, and your instantly flooded with such strong emotions about the memory - you can't Believe it faded from your memory bank with consciousness.

Damn, There it is again.



Then it hits him, He woke up to hearing knocking on glass.
Immediately he looks to the window, he instincts screaming to grab his gun sitting idle on the nightstand just to his right. The black pistol illuminated by the moons glow. Unfortunately for him he's helplessly stuck still.

Keeping a steady eye on the window, waiting for any kind of movement his Breath hitches as he hears the chilling knock again; but this time, he realizes it isn't coming from the window....

In fact the distant sound is coming from the large, elegant mirror stretched above the dusty dresser hanging on the wall a crossed from the king size bed. Killian can see his reflection, his guarded, set features and dark hair disheveled in a way that would normally stir something up within him from the more pleasurable activities they partook of earlier. But before he can even give himself a self satisfied smirk, his train of thoughts are abruptly interrupted.

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