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Author's POV

"No Eomma!! I'm sorry!! Forgive me mom!!" a 13 years old girl begged for forgiveness and cried.

"Don't you know how much the vase cost??? I've told you not to touch it right?!" her mom yelled and continued to beat her with a belt.

The girl's body has been covered with bruise.

A 10 years old boy, who is her brother, sits on the corner and cries.

The girl locks herself in her room after being beaten by her cruel mom. Her brother enters and hugs her.

"Noona, I'm sorry" he said.

"It's okay, I've been beaten for 10 years and I am used to it already. If I tell mom that you break it, she won't believe and I will be beaten more. This is nothing, okay?" she said and smiled with tears on her face. It is hurt as hell for her, but she doesn't want her brother to worry about her.

"Now go and eat your dinner" she said as she wipes off the tear from her face.

Her brother nods and exits from her room.

She got a punishment before. Not allowed to join the dinner.

And once again, she is used to it. She has experienced it since her brother was born. She sometimes hate but also loves her brother.

Her parents were expecting for a baby boy when she was still in womb. But when she was born, they just knew it was a baby girl. They had bought stuff for baby boy. They were absolutely upset.

For 3 years, she was raised by her grandmother while her parents was busy working and trying to have a baby boy. When they succeed of having a baby boy, they were so happy and held a party.

Since a baby boy was born, her parents business hit a success and they moved to an apartment. That made her parents loved her brother more and she had been abandoned, although they lived beneath the same roof.

She tried not to grow hate on her brother, and took a good care on him despite of her cold appearance. She had never smile since her brother was born and that made her looked cold.

She is a quiet but smart student in her school. Unlike her brother, who likes to play football and dreams to be a football player. Of course their parents support his dream and enroll him in a football club. They're busy going here and there for a football match and made her alone at home.


One day, she wake up with a heavy headache. Since it is holiday, she get up late and her parents are ready to go for grocery shopping.

"Look after your brother. Don't make him cry" her mom said.

"Yes, mom" She replied politely.

He is the one who will make me cry, probaby. She thought.

"Our little prince, what do you want to eat later?" her mom asked to her brother.

"I want chocolate!!" her brother replied while lifting up the beach ball.

"Alright, I will buy it for you" their mom said.

I like chocolate too..

What do you want for dinner?" she asked again.

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