A dream?

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A/n so I promised that this chapter would come out soon so here it is. I planned everything out already. And I hope you guys like it. oh and don't get me wrong, im not a person that waits for certain amount of votes or reads. No no no that's not me. I just write when I can ;) so on with the story!

Zoella's POV

As the song finishes. Alfie and I walk back hand in hand to the table. As we were walking back, a middle aged couple walked towards us. As they got closer, I realised that they were my parents. My mom opened her mouth to say:" Hey wake up! wake up! you're gonna be late for school!" I cocked my head sideways wondering what she meant by that. Suddenly, my dad said:" beep, beep , beep, beep, beep, beep!". I jolted up from my dream. My mom stood in front of me looking pretty stressed. "Zoe! You're gonna be late for your finals! IT'S YOUR LAST TEST! HURRY GET DRESSED! For goodness sake! You're already 20+!". As I got into the shower, hot steamy water against my skin felt heavenly. I did a bit of thinking about the dream "was it really a dream? From the point of Alfie,the absolutely adorable youtuber of my dreams, saving me to the dinner we had? I wish it happened, it would be absolutely magical" I got out of the shower took out my floral crop top, black jeans  and a pair of black flats with small little golden at the tip and wore them. "Even the point when I could see Alfie's point of view was weird." I mumbled. I was so deep in thought that I didn't realise my mum standing at the door. "A penny for you thoughts? Oh and who was the person you were talking about?What's his name... oh right that Alfie person. You were mumbling that while you were asleep. How cute". Owemgee I never let my parents know about my anti-social life... Uh oh.

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