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When I woke up, everything was white, I was hot, and it felt as though I was suffocating. I thought I was dying, at first, until I realized it was just a sheet placed carefully over me. I found out when I was younger, trying to hide under the blankets of my bed for no reason in particular, that I couldn't stay under for very long. It would get too hot from my breathing, and I would panic. Slightly embarrassed, I lifted the sheet off of me, and sat up. If my brain wasn't playing tricks on me, I was in an operating room, sitting on a flat table. There was a metallic tray full of bloodied tools beside it.

I had no idea what I was doing here.

I closed my eyes, and concentrated, focusing on scrapes of memory I have, hoping they would explain. Gold made me ditch school, Gold is Skyler, we were going to Cyrus' base to attack, and I started to freak out, so Skyler- I felt a weird feeling in my stomach when I recalled what he did before we went down into the sewer. Where is he? I opened my eyes. Where is everyone else?

I looked around the room once more, as if it were holding extra clues as to what happened; it was a small and square, the table and tray seemed to be the only furniture in here, and there were only two lights, circular ones pointed at the table.

I shook my head, and closed my eyes once more. Momentum chained up, Cyrus sneaked up from behind us- Sterling distracting Momentum, as I try to knock him out-

With deep disgust, I realized the blood on the tools must belong to me. I closed my eyes, clenched my teeth, and pressed my fingers lightly against my stomach where I was stabbed, waiting for the sharp pain; but the it never came. I peeled my eyes open, and forced myself to look at my fingers. They were coated with blood. Confused, I lifted my red-stained shirt to just above my bellybutton, and ran my fingers along my stomach again, but all that was there was smooth skin. And blood.

Another question suddenly popped into my mind. How the hell did I manage to get myself stabbed? I can phase, after all. I closed my eyes again, going over any details I might've missed; and my breath caught in my throat when I remembered.

Alden is alive; or he was, unless Cyrus was playing tricks on me. I winced when the sound of his sobs filled my head, and decided no villain could make that experience so real. Not someone like Cyrus, anyway.

I had one mystery solved, and I intended to solve the other. Where are my friends? My feet touched the ground as I stood up. I wobbled a bit, dizziness clouded my vision, and I had to grab hold of the table to keep from falling.

After a few seconds, when I assumed I was okay enough to venture forth, I headed for the door leading into the hallway. What if Cyrus was doing experiments on me? I immediately chucked the thought from my mind when I realized this isn't a hospital. It's Anderson's base. In reality, I should've seen this sooner, because Anderson was a doctor, and they wouldn't risk bringing me to a hospital, where they would find the super gene in my blood.

I found the hallway I was looking for, and headed for the kitchen, assuming that's where everyone was. When I stood in the doorway, I couldn't help but feel somber.

Skyler looked like a wreck. He was rigid in his chair; a cup of what I assumed was hot chocolate (Skyler doesn't like tea or coffee) was placed, untouched, in front of him. His eyes were puffy and bloodshot, the bags under them were clearer than ever, and he was staring off into space. When he noticed me standing in the doorway, it felt as though he was staring right through me.

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