|| prologue

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"It must be cool to fall in love.."

I talked to myself

"I feel so envious whenever I see couples everywhere.."

I saw a bunch of white puffball dandelions on a cliff's edge and decided to sit there

"I want to finally meet the guy of my dreams.."

I felt the cold breeze on my feet

"But I wonder where is he?"

I looked at the beautiful view of some small mountains

"Is he there?'

I looked down at the town below the cliff

"Was he even born yet?"

I laughed at the thought

"Or have I met him already?"

I picked one dandelion and blew it  

"Probably not.."

I sighed and bit my lip  

"I probably won't meet him.."

I laid down as some puffballs flew along with the wind  

"Well, maybe just in my dreams.."

I closed my eyes  

"I wish to meet the guy of my dreams.. the guy on my dreams.."

Slowly, I drifted to sleep...

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