I, Lily Maira Reed, Take You

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Ethan's pov

i was furious i had to find her if she was hurt if he laid a finger on her, ill rip him to shreds ill make him suffer for everything he has done for everything he has put us through, he will die. i love her to much to lose her i have never loved someone that isn't my own blood she's caring compassionate yet she's harsh and strong she's everything i have ever wanted and when you've wanted something you've never had, you have yo do something you've never done.

"right Mia and Riley get the police if I'm right he'll have an escape route we need more people than the people in this room." they nodded and left the house, i then turned to Lily's brother and Nina

"you are going to drive to the location but stay hiding" Callum nodded but i knew he would still come in if he found away "i need you to look for a way out once you have found away out try and find lily this place looks huge that it may take some time." they both nodded

"And we will go in the tunnels" I said the Charlie who nodded, he was looking at all the weapons on the table we had all kept some we knew we shouldn't have but we did just in case and at this point I'm glad we did. I turned to head out the door to see Nina waiting by my car Callum was waiting for her on his bike.

I walked down from the porch up to her "what's wrong?" I ask confused why they haven't gone.

"i ... uh..just wanted to warn you"

"About what?"

"He wants you to come... he will have men all over the place I... uh ... just be careful" she looked up at me with worry written all over her face "okay?" I nodded she stared at me for a while then walked over to lily's brother.

I looked over at charlie who was watching her every move.

"Do you reckon she's been planning this with him?" he asked sourly as he watched her and Callum drive down the street.

"I'm not sure but she seems awfully worried" I said getting into the car.

"for you, not for anyone else" he simple said as i pulled of the drive

"I don't care... lets go kill a bitch."

We walked down a dark and unpleasant tunnel, there was only I small light coming from our phones which would only show a couple of feet ahead of us. Charlie had his gun out and was alert while I was busy looking for anything that would lead to lily. When you looked down in the tunnel you would see grim suer water with a few rats circling your feet. It made me think how ill Lily must be begin down here the smell the damp air it must be horrible I cant believe I let her out of my sight, this was all my fault.

Are footsteps echoed down the tunnel which gave away to anyone where we were, we stopped and looked around listening for a while, nothing absolutely nothing but the rats and mice suckering around are feet.

"Are you sure we have the right tunnel?" charlie asked I nodded and carried on walking, after walking a few feet further we came to a big iron door, there seemed to be none guarding it but something was telling me to go through that door.

"Lets try here " I say getting my one of my guns out. He nodded went to the door to open it we stood ether side off the door waiting for someone to come out but they never did, we nodded at each other to signal our guns to the door and when we did there was none in the hall way that followed .

The hall way was slightly better lit, there where flashing bacons at the bottom of the floor almost telling us which way to go.

"this is odd" charlie spoke what i was thinking

"well so Daniel " i said looking over at him smirking he shock his head

"really now?" i shrugged pulling my gun closer to my body we went through the corridor going past multiple iron doors all of which were bolted shut, expect for two the first room we looked into was very bare all the lie was a chair in the middle of the room and on the char there were clasp that would hold the person to the chair there was also on light bulb which gave out little light. the next room we went into was dark apart from one single light showing a table and chair. on the table where switched and above each switch where pictures of our friends, there was Mia, Riley, Charlie, Nina and myself but the switches where coved with dust none had been touched. but when you looked at the chair you saw wires which would be attached to the victim.

"i looks like he would shock her if she didn't pick?" charlie said kneeling down looking at the wires

" She didn't pick anyone though... she went through all of that" I said but I couldn't bring myself to say anymore she hurt her self for us.

"but what would happen if she picked?"charlie asked i shrugged, it was silent we then hired a noise almost like an organ playing it was loud and morbid it sounded like a death march. "it's started " charlie said

We quickly left the room to find where the sound was coming from, as we walked swiftly down the corridor I stopped at a door that was slightly agar there was a room identical to Lily apart from it was a lot more bare a lot more lifeless. He was making this her home, he had been planning this for ages , it made me sick.

"why you stop " charlie called

"No reason " I said and ran to where the noise was.

Lily Pov

i walked down the light corridor slowly tears rolling down my check and dropping onto the beautiful bunch of flowers. i thought my wedding would be the happiest day of my life, i would be walking down the allies to man i loved and who loved me, he would be smiling at me with joy and astonishment when he looked at me, my parents would be there smiling whole my mother shed a tear. my brother would walk me down the allies as he smiled proudly. everyone would be happy... it would be happy. the music would be light and air to match the perfect summers day but instead the music sound like a death march and thats how i felt like i had been sent to death. its over, i was never going to get out of this its been written in the stars and i have never believed in such things but maybe what i thought i knew i don't anymore. i don't even now if i will survive after this ceremony he could kill me and go. the was dangerous but so was saying no and him hurting everyone i love.

i was at the end of the corridor standing infant of two big doors beside each for was a big bulky man they open the door and there was Daniel at the end of the big room talking with the priest who looked scared to the bone. the organ started to play and they both looked at me i sighed eld my head high placing my vile over my face, i saw as i walked down the smirk placed on his lips it was sicking.

I came up to where he was standing he took my hand with strength pulling me closer to him he lifted the vail off my face eh smiled slightly then he looked towards the priest.

"repeat after me" the priest said to Daniel he nodded."I, Daniel Christopher Brown, take you, Lily Maria Reed, as my lawful wife"

"I, Daniel Christopher Brown, take you, Lily Maria Reed, as my lawful wife" as he spoke he held my hand tighter, I could also her noises from outside the building but I couldn't be sure.

"to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health, until death do us part" dangle said the last words and i swear i head grunting and gun shots from outside the room

"Miss reed?" the priest was talking to mean i didn't notice


"your vows dear?" he said with sadness he knew i was selling myself to the devil, i nodded slightly

"I, Lily Maria Reed, take you, Daniel Christopher brown, for my lawful husband..." As I spoke his name I heard the door open I felt a breeze on my shoulders as my vail whisper around my body I looked around to see Charlie and... Ethan. my eyes went wide and i suddenly felt hop

"Ethan" I whisper dangle seems to have heard me turned around and saw him, the next thin I knew he was holding my across the neck with a gun pressed to my head this is where it ends at least I saw him on last time.

"Oh good you came to see the show" Daniel said in a dangerous manner.

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