Fire And Betrayal (2)

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"One day, you and I are gonna wake up and everything's going to be alright."

Her words are full of hope and assurance despite the fact that she is being caught by her own catastrophe.

She is caged by an insidious wedlock. I knew that since I started working as their trustful servant. I saw her bruises on her arms and legs when she was walking alone around the garden until she perceived my presence.

Jade, the inheritress.

A beauteous young woman who fancied varicolored flowers, the one who adored riding an equine before sunset. A cheerful human being who love stomping her feet above the smushy purple berries with bloody-colored stained dress.

The image of an alive, gorgeously breathtaking enchantress with a pile of shattered glass underneath her concealed wound.

Jade, my Jade.

Her soul was ponderously sinking in a deep, wakeless ocean.

I am her bait.

"Althea, bring this laundry basket upstairs, turn right and then you'll see a charcoal oak door, just knock three times and if no one answers, leave the basket on the side table."

Angeline said in details as if I've never been there before. It's been a week after the venturesome incident we had. It was actually the first time I exited a mansion by an arched glass window. After that, I've never seen Jade again.

"Is it okay if I ask Miss?"

"Go ahead."

"Why am I here? I mean, this is not my working ground."

"Yes I know that, and I also prefer you to join others at the vineyard. But Miss Jade insisted that you'll be the one who will personally deliver her clothes."

I just simply nodded.

Every step is getting heavier knowing that I'm finally going to see her again. But there's still a wince inside me, the fact that her husband is around and he might caught us.

Just like what Angeline said, I knocked three times at the newly refurbished door. I stayed for a couple of minutes but no one is responding so I carefully laid the basket on the side table.

I was about to take my step downstairs when I heard the door creaked.

"Althea, where are you going?" She softly whispered, resting her head at the door frame.

"I-I have your laundry basket but you didn't respond." I replied walking back to where she is.

When I found my place standing in front on her, she immediately grab my arm and force me inside the landowner's room.

"I miss you." She locked the door and gave me a tight hug.

"I miss you too Jade." I hug her back, raising her off from the carpeted floor.

As I put her down, that's when I noticed another set of fresh bruises on her left and right arm.

"Jesus Jade! What happened!?" I asked while observing her wholeness, trying to detect other wounds.

"W-we just had a little misunderstanding but I'm fine Althea. Don't worry about me." She cupped my face and compelled me to look into her chocolate round eyes.

"But Jade, this is too much. He's hurting you!" I said, almost weeping.

"Hush now love please, don't cry. I can handle myself." She claimed my lips.

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