Lashing Out

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“You’re pregnant.”

The words kept replaying in my mind.

How could a simple blood test, administered in the ER after I was brought in, cause so much turmoil? When the Dr. came in the room asking the guys and Cody to give us a few minutes alone, I was confused. I felt fine, Cody had been checked and, though he was still a little shocked, he was good as well. So what could be so wrong that she needed to speak with me privately?

That’s when she gave me the news that struck fear in me. I was pregnant. I was only seventeen years old. How could I give birth to and care for a newborn child when I had just recently agreed to be a mother to a five year old? How was I going to go to college as planned? How could I have let this happen and what would Trevor say?


For some reason, it scared me to tell him. I wasn’t sure how he would react to this news after what just happened today. Would he be happy? Or would the thought of a son or daughter strike up all those fears of loss again?

I didn’t realize the doctor was still talking to me until she gave me my release papers, advising me to pick up some prenatal vitamins as soon as I could, and ordering a twenty four hour bed rest, followed by an immediate shifting to heal the last of my cuts and bruises.

She then left the room, allowing the guys to return. They were curious as to why she needed to speak to me alone, but didn’t ask about it. Cody and I were released, and taken home.

Greg and Jeremy took the doctors orders very seriously, not allowing me to walk anywhere, including the bathroom. Every time I had to go, they would rush to my side and carry me there, wait till I was done, then carry me back. Cody was no help, he wanted to stay in my room with me, so we laid next to each other and watched cartoons, but as soon as I would start to get up, he would yell to one of his uncles, tattling on me.

That little stinker.

He enjoyed the look on my face every time I got busted and scolded by one of the guys. I assume he liked seeing me on the other end of a scolding, being that I didn’t take it very well and practically turned into a five year old myself, with the mini tantrums I was throwing. It was just annoying, not being able to do something as simple as a bathroom break on my own because of the ‘Alpha’s’ orders to take care of me. If I wasn’t so freaked out over the accident and my pregnancy, I probably would’ve found the whole thing amusing. I mean, it’s every girls dream to be taken care of and catered to by two handsome, well built, sex on legs, right? Evidently, I was the exception.

I wasn’t only against them carrying me because I didn’t like being helpless, but I was also afraid the more they got close to me, they would pick up the scent of my unborn pup. They hadn’t yet, maybe because they were so concerned for me. I was finally seeing a little bit of luck.

After reading Cody what must have been the fifth book of the day, he fell asleep next to me and I started to follow him, when I heard gravel being sprayed as a vehicle made it’s way into our driveway. Trevor was home.

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