1: Moving Day

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                         Olivia's POV
GET UPP ITS MOVING DAY !! My mum was shouting I had all boxes in my bedroom it's about a 5 hour drive to where we are moving too I got changed into black jeans a grey off the shoulder jumper and my white converse I curled my hair we are waiting for Jonathan to come back he has gone to say bye to all of his army's mates and soldiers.

I got all my boxes one by one and walked downstairs as my dad put them in the lorry my parents relationship is confusing they are divorced but they still live together my father didn't want to leave us so he stayed they just stay away from each other around the house except sleep in the same bed and at meal times this is house is bigger so it's better.

My dad walked in he hugged me he said "how's my baby this morning" I said "I'm good thank you" he said "very well "he picked me up and hugged me he said "I bet you can't wait for Jonathan to come home" I said "no I've missed him" he said "we all have Olivia".

My dad spoils me the most as I'm the youngest of the three kids Ruby is the oldest then it's Jonathan then me their is 2 months between Ruby and Jonathan and their is 1 year between me and Jonathan and Ruby.

My mum was cleaning the living room I said "morning mum" she said "ahh Liv" and hugged me and Ruby walked past with her phone in her hand I walked into the kitchen and Ruby said "get out" I said "I'm getting some breakfast" she said "I'd rather you starve"I said "thanks" she said "your welcome" and smiled and strutred passed me I really can't stand her she is horrible she treat me like a door mat.

She gets on with Jonathan but Jonathan says I'm his favourite I heard a car door to its Jonathan mum shouted Johnny backs I screeched I ran outside Jonathan smiled and said "Livvy loo" I said "Johnny boy" he laughed and picked me up and swung me round.

I said "I've missed you so much" he hugged my tighter he said "you too my little sissy"I smiled he kissed my head he said "ready for your new college" I said "I'm nervous" he said "you can always come to me you know that don't you" I nodded he said "have you killed Ruby yet" I laughed and said no I just keep away from her.

Jonathan put his arm around me and we walked inside mum and dad hugged Jonathan and Ruby came running downstairs and ran into Jonathan's arms she pushed me away dad said "Liv go and clean the rest of your room and bring me the boxes"

I looked at Jonathan and Ruby laughing and hugging my mum watched me walk upstairs I walked into my room and shut the door I emptied my whole room and someone knocked on my door.

I wiped a tear away I said "who is it" they replied "Johnny boy"I went to open the door and he hugged me he shut the door behind me we sat on the edge of the bed he said "you alright I saw when Ruby came downstairs you weren't very happy" I said "it's fine" I just get upset how Ruby always pushes me about and treats me like crap" Jonathan said "just ignore her you've got me now" I laughed and I cuddled into him I said "is your room empty" he said "yeah do you want me to help you" I said "please" mum shouted "kids we are going in 10 minutes".

Jonathan quickly emptied my room everything was done the moving van had gone and we were ready I checked my room and my bathroom Jonathan came over to me he said "come on lemon" I looked at him and said "lemon really" he laughed he said "ready" I said "ready" and we walked downstairs Ruby was staring at me we walked out of the front door.

Dad said "can I have a photo outside the old house" Ruby said "Liv in the middle" I smiled I got in the middle and Ruby and Jonathan put their faces next to mine and we all smiled why cant Ruby be like this all he time dad said "do a sad face now" we all did a sad face and one with a dab why not and my dad said "come on and we all ran to the car"

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