Poem #10

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There was a man named Willy,

He was ever so silly,

Trusting greedy children,

In his magic candy house.

He made chocolate,

He made Nerds,

He made Spree,

Bottle Caps,

And little Stix of Pixy.

One day he decided,

To give out golden tickets,

To little children.

He was quite the fool,

Letting those kiddies in,

With a chocolate filled pool,

And then the fat one fell in.

That wasn't so wise of old Willy,

With the parents threatening to sue,

He never was smart, really.

And that girl who got big and blue,

She was never very nice,

I don't know how she didn't swallow it,

Her chewing of gum wouldn't cease.

He warned them not to,

Those naughty children,

But they did anyways,

Such havoc did they wreak.

{A/N: And this is pretty pointless. Thank you all for the 1.7k reads!}

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