Chapter 8

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After the little incident that happened inside the classroom, Nezu(who is alive) dismissed them and went to the infirmary.

Our little tuna fish (Tsuna: hey!) was skipping humming happily while looking a certain skylark. Tsuna passed an abandoned music room saying that there's a ghost there, but in truth the principal didn't tell them that no one could open the room, it's like an enchanted room they say in a fairy tail book that Tsuna once read when he was little.

He walk back to the door and tried to open it and wow it really opened... He was impressed that the room was surprisingly wide and huge and there's a grand piano near the window.

The baby hit man watch his student carefully hiding behind the trees, Tsuna went inside and call Takeshi for help.

"Yo! Tsuna!" The baseball freak greeted happily, Tsuna smiled " Ciao Takeshi-kun can you help me with something?" Tsuna ask " sure! Where are you by the way?" Takeshi ask the brunette, " the abandoned music room Takeshi-kun " Tsuna answered back, " okay! Be there in a sec!" He said before ending the call, Tsuna waited after 5 minutes Takeshi was there panting slightly his smile never leaving his face, " so? What are we gonna do Tsuba?" Takeshi ask smiling...

" can you help me clean this room Takeshi-kun? Pretty please?" Tsuna begged using his secret weapon... The cute puppy eyes.. Takeshi blushed and nod, both of them grab their cleaning materials and started cleaning. They we're almost done cleaning when a certain skylark came in " usagi, where have you been?" The skylark ask, " ah! Kyoya-koi! Sorry, Takeshi and I Were cleaning this room" Tsuna replied smiling " hn, is that so" that's all the skylark said before leaving when he knows that he's lover was safe.

" Err... Tsuna what's your relation toward Hibari-senpai?" Takeshi ask , " he's my lover" the brunette replied back smiling
"Is that so" Takeshi said, Tsuna only nod and continued to clean. After 1 hour of cleaning, the two boys lay down on the floor exhausted from cleaning the huge room. Tsuna sit up followed by Takeshi, " thank you for helping me Takeshi-kun" Tsuna said smiling warmly at Takeshi, the raven head only smiled and scratch the back of his head " ma~ ma~ we're friends and friends help each other" Takeshi said still smiling...

Tsuna smiled and kiss Takeshi on his cheek, the raven blushed furiously while staring at Tsuna " I call that as a thank you kissed" the brunette said. " Ah! I gotta go Tsuna!" The raven said and unexpectedly kissed Tsuna on his cheek too. Takeshi blushed shyly and wave at Tsuna before heading out. Tsuna only smiled and didn't notice the tears that streaming down, ' Takeshi will always be my rain that washed all my sadness away..' the brunette thought solemnly, thinking how was his other guardians doing, if they didn't wrecked the mansion or something like that..

The baby only watched in surprised that Tsuna cry, Reborn felt inside of him that he wants to comfort our Tuna fish.
Tsuna went to the piano tracing his fingers on the keys, he smiled remembering the times when he always sing for Lambo, Ipin and Fuuta when they felt sad..
Tsuna didn't notice that he was already playing the Piano, each sound the piano produced was beautiful, the other class heard this and check it out only to find their 'dame ' schoolmate playing it..

Tsuna began singing

Sweet little child~
There's nothing to fear~
I, your light and your sky
Will always protect you~

He sang imagining the kids that we're once smiling at him

I will protect you even if I die
I don't care if I'm not happy
As long as your happy and safe
I'll even sell my soul to the devil itself ~

Tsuna continued singing ignoring the student that were listening him while singing.

Sweet little child, please be honest
Are you really happy?
Am I a burden to you?
I promised that I'll accompany you forever

Seeing you sad breaks my heart
So please my child smile even if it's hurt
Don't mind my wounds my child
I, your Savior and your light

Shall accompany you till death~
Sweet little child...
Please don't waste your tears because of me..

I already told you that I'll protect you
I'll even face death just to protect you..
So please, don't cry...

Tsuna finished singing tears already flowing like a river. Reborn couldn't handle it anymore went near the brunette "Tsunayoshi, don't cry" the baby said, Tsuna wipes his tears away but new tears shall take it's place...

From silent crying turned into a loud sob, the brunette can't take it anymore because he missed his old family especially the kids,
Takeshi came running next to Tsuna trying to comfort him but failed. Kyoya came as soon as he saw the crowds, he was about to bite them to death but when he saw his little usagi crying he immediately went beside him, " Usagi, did someone dared to hurt you?" The skylark asked worried that his lover was crying none stop.

Kyoya hug the brunette as Tsuna burried his head on Kyoya's chest still crying, the skylark whispered comfort words towards Tsuna and kissed his forehead.. after several minutes, Tsuna fall asleep tears still visible on his face. Kyoya picked him up and leaving Takeshi smiling as he went to his office, he lay Tsuna on the couch allowing his sky to use his lap as a pillow itself.

The only thing that Tsuna dreamed was his family..


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