Good byes. Chapter 1.

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                                                                         Third person

"Yuki is the one that killed every one.." Taurtis said. "She.. was my Girl friend.." Sam mutter "She killed my Girl friend.." Taurtis said "Guys its ok we ALL went threw alot." Grian looked over to Okami who was still crying and holding Silly "What do we do now?" Dom asked "Yea what does happen now.." Sam asks and looks towards Okami "You boys have seen to much, the Yakuza will be after you, i have to put you in witness protection after this eh.. 'event'" "But i thought we killed the yakuza..?" Sam asked. "The ones in japan, there's more all over the world there be after the person that killed there leader and there leaders daughter." Okami said. "Good point.." Grian said. "Where are we going to be sent to?" Dom asked "You will be going to a place called Phoenix drop high, its a school in America." Okami said. "When do we go?" Sam asked "Tomarrow evening so you can say good bye to all your friends, do NOT tell them what happened  to Yuki.." She said. "Alright.." Sam said.

     The next day.

They were all packed up and ready to go, they Where saying good bye to everyone, J, Hidden, Chan, Ellen, Puffer fish Pete, Pepe, and Puffer Fish Patty, Sookie and Soul, even invader, They all said there good byes "Thank you guys for ALMOST being friends to us..we will miss you guys.." Sam said. "Yea.." Taurtis said "Bye Ellen..." Grian said "Bye sorry about some eh, not telling you i don't know what gender i am...." "Sorry we tried to feed you to a snow man, Hidden." Sam said "Yea.... that was confusing...."Hidden said. "Bye guys..." Dom said. Dom, Grian, and Taurtis all walked into the bus, Sam was about to and looked back at the city he knew for the best parts of his life and frowned. "Good bye..." "Bye!" every one yelled "Thank you for helping me not be as depressed..." Pepe said.. "Thank you for helping me with get those panties you where the best friends i ever had!" J said. "Wait you stole someones panties?!" Chan yelled at J. "We will miss you guys!" Sam said smiling he walked into the bus, there was announcement saying "Next stop Phoenix drop." Sams ears would go down and Sam cried a little thinking about all the memories, Going insane, Becoming a girl, Killing people, getting haunted, But those are all things of the past.. All of his other friends.., his Crush, His stalker, And Yuki... Sam looked up and saw all his friends. Pepe, Patty, J, Chan all chasing the bus saying "Bye!" "Bye Taurtis!" "Bye guys!" "Bye dumbster buddys!"(We all know who the last one was XD) Sam looked over and saw Grian, Taurtis, and Dom all looking at the windows, about to cry. "Is it bad that i'm goigg to miss this place.." Grian asked "I already miss this place.." Sam said  "I really hope the Yakuza killed my Dad." Dom said awkwardly.  "Tomorrow is a new day.. new town.." Sam said still sad, he was hugging Snuggle muffin sniffling.

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