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Clothes were on the floor, shoes all over the bed.

The room was just a total mess.

"Diana, we're supposed to be leaving in 20 minutes. Put something in the bag, please."

She huffs at me and starts picking up my clothes.

You see, I had my bag nicely packed the night before and this morning when Diana comes barging into my room, she decides that everything I put in the bag is not cute enough for Colin.

Who said I was dressing for him?

So now we have the complete mess in my room that looks like a hurricane ran right through it.

On our way, plz be ready-Liam

I take the bag from Diana and shove the stuff in it, ignoring her protest as I drag her down the stairs with me.

"The boys will be here any moment."

I say which is followed by a horn honking outside.

I wave bye to Lizzie and she yells be safe to us and we head out.

"Hello, ladies."

Ben greets us and I rolls my eyes and Diana flips her hair smiling.

"Hey, Ben wanna help put our stuff away."

He dramatically sighs but does it anyway and I meet Colin on the other side.

"Hey, babe."
He says to me with his arms open and I smile hugging him.

"Enough with that lovey dovey shit, we got places to be."

I laugh at Liam and Colin slaps him on his shoulder and we all hop in the car.

Samantha just sits there with her headphones in and gives me and Diana a short wave and I smile back.

I still feel sometimes that she may not like me but I shook that thought out of my mind.

Diana tells me all the fun she had last year going camping and somewhere through the story, I find myself falling asleep.

"Hope, come on wake up, we're here."

I slowly blink my eyes open and from my weird dream in Candy land and look around.

It's really pretty outside and the sun is shining on top of the trees. You can hear the birds and it looks so peaceful.

"Come on Sunshine."

I grin at Colin's comment and follow the rest in the cabin.

Almost everything is made of wood and it looks very cozy. Has three bedroom, two baths so every girl is getting paired up with a boy which works out fine.

We decided that the end of the week is our party where we'll go crazy and drunk and all that good stuff.

"How does it feel living with the sexiest man you ever laid eyes on for a week."

Colin grins as he wraps his arms around me and I don't miss the tingles that shoot through my body as he does that.

"I wouldn't know, to be honest with you but I'll give you a call when Scott Eastwood says he'll live with me for a week. How does it feel to be with the most gorgeous girl you've ever seen."

I smile innocently, batting my eyelashes at him.

He pulls me closer to him and says, "It's the best thing that's ever happened in my whole life."

I kiss him on the lips and his lips connected with mine as he gripped my waist. We started moving backward as my fingers went through his hair.

"Hey lovebirds! We're waiting for you."

I pulled away from Colin and started giggling and Colin smiled at me, pulling my hand as we both go down the stairs where everyone else is.

"Took you long enough."

Ben mutters and I smile at them.

Tonight we were watching movies and in the time we were upstairs they seemed to have set up the living room.

I lay on the blanket next to the couch and Colin snuggles up next to me. I take a good look at him and he sees me staring and smiles back.

The movie we decided to watch was White Chicks and I look at Colin a few times.

He seems so happy, not like when I first saw him and I'm happy to be part of the reason why he smiles. I can tell he truly loves me the way I love him.

By the time we go to the fashion show part, my eyelids grew tired and soon I had shut down and was sleeping.

I could tell that I was picking up an hour or so later and could tell it was Colin because his shampoo always smelt good.

I move closing to the warmth that the chest provides as he takes me up the stairs and to our room, laying me down on my side and crawling in next to me.

"Goodnight Hope."

He whispers as he kisses my cheeks and I smile, going back to bed.

Sadly the week went by quickly and we were soon packing.

It happened so fast I don't even think I remember all that happened but the main fact that Diana can not sing for shit.

Supposedly she can't get through a shower without singing at the top of lungs, something that we'll definitely think about next time when we're trying to invite her somewhere.

Other than that and Ben constantly complaining, it was pretty fun and everyone overall seems to have a great time.

Not long after we have packed everything up that we ride back home and I'm dropped off at Lizzie's house.

Colin walks me to the door and I thank him and kiss him on the cheek.

I was about to turn and go inside the house but he holds onto my forearm, turning me around.

I look into his deep pools of eyes and he grins at me.

"I love you. Don't forget it, okay."

I nod and say, "I love you too." He smiles again and leans forward, meeting my lips and then my forehead.

I nod at him again, no knowing what to say and enter the house.

Best boyfriend award goes to....Colin Harrison.

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