Chapter 12

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Wendy's POV
I'm freaking out right now because none of them are talking and it's fricken midnight.

W: Aren't you guys worried?
S: Why should we be?
W: It's midnight and we're here alone.
T: don't worry let's just wait till tomorrow.

Tomorrow? I don't wanna spend the whole night with them.

I lay my head in the desk, trying to calm down when I feel someone next to me.

I was shocked, it was Suga.

He didn't move he just kept staring at me, but why now? He had this whole time to do something...

Suga's POV
It's hard staying quiet. This is a good time to talk to Wendy but what do I say?

I kept thinking and all these hours past by. I could see Wendy was worried so I decide to go up to her. She has her head laying down like when we first had detention.

Since we're alone here, and I don't have my phone the person can't do anything to Wendy. This is my chance.

I keep staring at her, what should I do?
Without thinking I grab her face and give her a slight kiss. Her eyes widened and she pushed me off. I could tell she wanted to run away but had no choice.

Why did I do that, but I don't regret it. Wendy's soft lips on mine. I wouldn't take it back.

*Knock knock*

What the

Unknown POV
Eh? It seems we're starting now.

They hear a bang on the door, the door then breaks open and two boys appear. They go to Wendy trying to capture her but of course Suga and Taehyung tried to stop them. Their eyes started to glow and pushed Suga and Tae down. That was when Suga realized that they were vampires too. While they were fighting the vampires another boy comes in and goes to Wendy. Suga and Taehyung were busy fighting the other people. When the boy tried to grab Wendy she kicked him down and ran. He got mad and caught up to her no time.

Wendy's POV
I'm running away from these people. I just kicked down a guy. I'm turning around to see if anyone is behind me. Good no one is behind me AH.

How did he get here so fast and how did I not notice him? Shit what should I do! I hope Suga and Taehyung are okay.

When I tried to run the other way he was right in front of my again. I did everything I can to escape yet this guy is always there. I managed to take his mask off, his hair colour was blonde. He had big lips. (Guess who?)

I look around my surroundings and there's nothing. I'm walking backwards while he's walking towards me, I see Suga and Taehyung still fighting the guys but outside of the classroom.


I just saw Suga get punched hardly. He didn't get back up. I fall to the ground and everything goes black.

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