"Did you know that the store would have so much security?" Mami hissed out lowly, directing a harsh glare in Haruna's direction. The brunette leader didn't look over at her companion though. Her vision was intently focused on the store, an emotionless look in her eyes as she gazed at the well-dressed male heading the front of the store. She could hear a frustrated sigh leave Mami's lips from the lack of a response out of the leader.

"No," Haruna answered in a short and quick manner. "I will be honest and say that it hadn't even crossed my mind." Her words trailed off, a sense of frustration working itself into her as well. Why hadn't she considered it? It should have been obvious to her that a store filled with expensive glass trinkets would be heavy in security and yet she hadn't even considered it.

"What are we supposed to do now?" Mami asked in a softer tone. The blonde's harsh gaze broke away from Haruna, turning to look over at the meek teenager who sat beside her. She watched the way Tomomi's body shook slightly, her hands picking at the long sleeves of her sweater with her eyes intently trained on the ground. Mami sighed softly and looked away from Tomomi.

"Maybe we should rethink the plan."

Mami's thoughts were abruptly interrupted by the boss who had spoken in a louder tone now. The blonde's attention snapped up towards Haruna, noticing that her eyes still hadn't left the security guards stationed at the store's entrance. Mami couldn't believe that she had actually heard those words leave Haruna. It wasn't exactly like the leader to agree to give up – especially given the circumstances of why they were even here.

"Are you sure, Haruna?" Mami asked carefully and cautiously. She didn't want to say the wrong thing, knowing that addressing even the slightest form of weakness in front of Tomomi could spell out a lot of trouble for herself. If there was one thing Haruna wouldn't tolerate, it was Mami making her look weaker in front of Tomomi.

"It's not an ideal decision but it would be best. It is entirely my fault in the first place. I didn't think it through and asking the two of you to go through with the plan would be needlessly putting you into danger," Haruna explained in a calm tone. Despite her calmness, Mami could sense just how much Haruna didn't want to back down. Backing down from the plan would put them farther behind and it would just be more time that they didn't know what was happening to Rina. Right now, more time away from Rina was the least ideal thing for Haruna.

"We can still go through with the plan, Haruna," Mami said suddenly. She didn't know what she was saying. The only thing Mami knew is that she was saying exactly what came to mind as it came to her. Mami could often be equally as stubborn as Haruna and she could admit that giving up was not ideal for her either. "The only issue is with Tomomi. It would be too much pressure for her."

"Actually..." Haruna finally pulled her vision away from the security, her gaze now switching over to look intently at the frightened brunette. "Tomomi could serve very useful in this situation. She doesn't even need to keep her cool. In fact, it could be quite useful for us if the store clerks became concerned over a distressed teenager."

"Haruna, you can't actually mean to use Tomomi as bait... Can you?" Mami spoke through gritted teeth, her hands beginning to clench into fists. This was not at all what Mami had hoped to accomplish with her words. If anything, Mami had hoped Haruna would choose the direct opposite and allow Tomomi to stay out here and away from any possible danger.

"No. I don't intend to use Tomomi as any sort of bait," Haruna answered quickly. "I would like Tomomi to create a distraction. If she keeps the store clerk and even possibly the security busy, it will give us an opportunity to easily slip in and out. It would be best if Tomomi managed to stay calm but it wouldn't be damaging if she were to lose it as well."

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